More great weather. Sea and golden eagles and otters and good sightings of all of them. But again the magical atmosphere of the islands with mirror calm seas and almost tropical looking beaches is just intoxicating. Despite being here for almost 30 years I still find everyday on Mull to be magical, different from the last and pulsating with atmosphere. If anyone wants to know where God is,he is in heaven and paddling on an empty white sand beach on the southern tip of Mull right now.


Today was nothing short of tropical in the south of the Island.Pink granite and green islands with huge rocks like the Seychelles lifting out of white sand and a crystal clear, shallow, pale blue sea. On sunny days in winter or summer this area of Mull is as close to the idyllic reef strewn tropical, uninhabited Island, as you can get.


Yes really good sightings again today but the beauty of the Island has to steal the show again this evening as a gorgeous golden sea wanders from here to Iona miles across the sea. Mull and these islands are big, stunningly beautiful and as magical as any destination in the world could be. Everyone says I am lucky, but there’s no such thing as luck because we all have choices, but regrettably little vision.


I am an Aquarian and want to make the world a better place. Or is it just Mulls romantic nature that has that effect on me! Anyway I am so disappinted by our suburban visitors and how little they seem to care about the bigger picture for we humans. Most seem to have nothing at all to say on the subject. Is life really so grey down there that it is pointless even trying? Then move out and come alive again in the Hebrides!


Poor weather today but a tranquil evening now. Unusual sighting of an otter galloping across the beach opposite the Island of Inch Kenneth today. Went down to look at the tracks. No golden eagles but sea eagle and a touching sighting of my lifelong sea eagle friend at Lochdon that lost its young because of the reckless behaviour of a photographer.


Everything is different here. You can see the weather coming out to sea and make decisions based on that. You do not feel human at times as you feel so wild and PC free! Each day is different because of the ever changing light and weather. On certaian days the light from the white sand beaches on places like Iona seems to fluoresce in some religious way. You cannot fail to wonder at a golden eagle soaring above some peak and remember life in the city. Its Alien to all of that.


Another good day with wildlife where I hoped it would be! I wonder why our kestrels are seemingly so brave and wild, when on the mainland they seem to simply hover around motorways? A group of yougsters were having a real go at some sitting peregrines and as usual one was dive bombing a golden eagle in the mountains. They seem a different creature here, as our visitors are having escaped from suburbia !!!


Good day today with things where they should be !! All three seperate golden eagle territories up today in Glenmore. First time in months, as the Ben Taladh birds failed this year but they are obviously up for another go and proclaiming territory for next year.


Better day today and should have been a good golden eagle day after yesterday but no. Very good sea eagles sitting and flying across a shingle beach. Otter and then 4 peregrine falcons calling and interracting on sea cliffs. Young sea eagle and sleeping otter. Highlight was little Eva who was on the trip, 6 years old and with her mum and dad from Ireland. We should only have children if we love them and find them interesting, as little Eva was.