Weather still a bit dodgy but I am on a roll with sightings of the big three and so sea eagle at Grasspoint and porpoise, plus great skuas and other sea birds. Young golden eagle close up with an adult and ravens and kestrels in Glen More. Otters on Loch Beg swimming and rolling around on the seaweed, hen harreirs and further sea eagles flying and sitting on the skyline.


Much of the time drizzly with occasional breaks in the weather and then very atomospheric and alien. At all times still beautiful! That’s the weather. Big sightings of sea eagles doing various things, golden eagles same and otters steady and reliable. Occasional porpoise, waders going through. Island is lush and waterfalls are tumbling.


Chasing the weather like an eagle today. ‘Brilliant’ find of a sea eagle in an unusual place. Two further sea eagles in a window of weather striding out to sea and taking what looked like an Eider and flying back to shore with it. The weather then got the better of me and we were sometime until we found a distant otter but then a close one as we all got very wet and he wandered around little islands and occasionally onshore. Two lovely keen kids on the trip today.


Driving wind and rain start today with the predictable phone call at this time of year of ‘Is the trip still on’. Do these people ever check the westher forecast because sunny all day is not good for wildlife spotting. Bad start and clearing, like today, or sunshine and showers, is best.I think the BBC could do less dumbed down stuff and more of the ‘thinking persons stuff’ with real information about how to see wildlife.


Hebridean day today, windy with showers. I spent most of the day halfway up a cliff face cutting out invasive cotoneaster from the hillside to improve habitat for the Slender Scotch Burnet Moth which is only found on certain cliffs on the west of Mull and the Isle Ulva. Sitting having lunch with another shower heading our way we reminded ourselves how lucky we were to be there and not in suburbia trying to park the car!


Tonight we have a golden landscape, no wind, mirror calm sea and paradise to the eye. Another really good day out today with both species of eagle, otter and a humorous bus load! The beauty of Mull and the islands around us has stolen the show all year. It’s impossible to ignore that every single day is different and whether leaning into wind on some storm lashed beach, or paddling in the sun the next day, it has to be one of the most inspiring places on planet earth.


Happy customers today and more good weather here.We waited for a golden eagle and were rewarded as one broke the skyline a mile out to glide along ridges pestered by a female hen harrier. Porpoise, seals, deer and dramatic views of golden eagle and sea, sitting close and latterly red throted diver in summer plumage and top view of another sea eagle.


Been in the Highlands with my two small grandchildren for a few days and though the forest is something else up there, coming up the road toward our house it was impossible not say but how do you beat any of this !! Pretty good weather at the moment and certainly better than England again and rather like last year with bad weather fronts going south of us again. Thankyou global warming.


Another big day of the usual sightings but probably best was the two sea eagles coming overhead to land on the shingle spit at Loch na Keal and lean into wind to look up the loch. After 10 minutes they were off windward on a jaunt out to sea and being mobbed by gulls. Laterly we had another sighting of golden eagle chasing a sea eagle off her territory. I say her because I know her well and she bosses her boyfriend around a lot too!


Another beautiful day here off the north coast and looking to Rhum, Eigg, Muck, Canna, Coll, Tiree and everywhere else out there !! Collected lots of chanterelle mushrooms which went down really well with the plaice. Soon as there’s an R in the month I’m off for oysters which I love with a little tabasco sauce and lemon, dont you? Food’s for free here, so why live in suburbia?