Massive showers today but big views of the two Grasspoint sea eagles, as like us they grabbed the gap in the weather. Male and female harriers also there. But top view as we waited in the south of mull was the sea eagle coming off the sea putting all the birds up and then over us to land in a conifer and sit preening herself. 3 Otters close as we got very wet.


The ocean, islands, mountains scene here is pretty well impossible to portray. It’s a clear day, deep blue sea with slight white horses out to sea. White sandy beaches on Iona are clearly visible, mountains are brown and green and this vista has to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Maybe I repeat myself, but how do I not, when I gaze on such natural wonders and want to tell the world about it. Believe me everywhere else is ordinary !!!


No trip today but just the most beautiful golden evening. Out with GMTV tomorrow looking for sea eagle footage and on GMTV myself on monday morning between 6am to 8am. So don’t bother getting up!! The story is that a farmer in Northern Scotland is having problems with sea eagles, possibly taking sheep and lambs and so the sea eagles need a friend to speak up for them !


Lots of eagle sightings now as adults are up there proclaiming territory. In fact we were ‘eagled out’ yesterday. Otters and hen harriers with occasional porpoise sightings too. Weather is calm and very good. Its been a good year for us here in the beautiful Hebridean Islands. Customers have that keen and hungry look again and so I hope for a good October.


We are back to lovely summer weather for at least a week here and so the shorts are on and Mull looks beautiful. Plenty of eagle sightings today with very close sea eagle sitting and more flying in the mountains with golden eagles. Otter asleep in the sun and another wandering along the coast but disturbed by some people in a range rover but we then picked him up again coming ashore and a further one marking territory.


Good trip again today despite challenging weather but this evening as usual the look and beauty of Mull this year is stirring everyones heart and imagination. Across the sea from the house Ben More rises grey brown to its pinnacle, pushing through a line of grey cloud which goes the length of the mountain range and then seemingly smoking from its peak as if its going to erupt any minute.


Case of finding windows in the weather today and great success in our mountainous area as it cleared for a moment and up came a young sea eagle with two adult golden eagles interested. We then proceeded to get very close and acrobatic sightngs of two adult golden eagles and their youngster flying and landing repeatedly. Twe otters later and I hear now of a female otter run over which may have cubs.


Nothing too dramatic happening after the whales but I guess its always dramatic here. Definitely more challenging re weather but still getting very steady otter sightings with yesterdays being pretty evocative. In skulking mode, shallow water and lots of tail waiving in the air as it searched the bottom for food.Eagle up with 11 buzzards!


We are in a spell of westerlies now and that means ducking and diving weather for me. So distant sea eagle, fleeting porpoise, no golden eagles today but very good view of otters with two males meeting up and much chittering. However one curled up unconcerned and the other skulked off in the other direction. Bar tailed godwit,greenshanks and other waders.


Had an interesting sighting of a hen harrier trying to get a mallard off the water recently. Looks like the Bottle Nosed Whales are safely away now. The weather has gone off somewhat but this evening it is clearing spectacularly here in the West and we are in for a great sunset.