Imagine your perfect day in the Hebrides !!! Sunny, windless, snow kissed peaks, white sandy beaches, the Isle of Skye and a dozen other islands clear as a bell miles out to sea. A golden landscape of hills and glens rolling into the distance, waterfalls tumbling into clear blue sea and two pairs of golden eagles soaring above your head. Today was magic here.


Winter is definitely the time for eagles here with terrific sightings and interraction between two eagles from adjoining territories today. The female from one had landed on the ground and the male from another territory came swooping down with talons outstretched to chase her off. I find that on some territories where their boundaries are blurred you do get this sort of thing happening. Two sea eagles up same time by the way!


Big showers and very big sunny moments with amazing colours today. Really good view of a female golden eagle roaming well out over her territory for some time, to eventually come zooming over us. Eagles Inspire as always. Hen harriers, kestrels and buzzards in numbers. Great northern divers and very close otter bringing a fish ashore in front of us and sitting and flying white tailed sea eagles. Mull at its best now.


Definitely wintery now with heavy showers and cold winds but dazzling sun in between.However distant golden eagle today and good view of two sea eagles and a lot of hen harrier sightings. Add a good looking adult male to that. Watch for Springwatch on BBC 2 November 3rd,4th and 5th because Mull features strongly.


Its stormy here but there is still beauty in it with great salty twisters rising out of the sea.Looks pretty good for trips next week and we have been getting lots of eagle activity as they defend territory from young birds travelling around the islands. Quite looking forward to getting ‘townie’ for short bursts soon, as we islanders hit the city shops and help out with the credit crunch! Is it good or bad that we don’t have the temptation of big stores here and is it why I always look a mess!!!!


All three golden eagle territories up today in Glenmore and at one time we had 4 golden eagles locking talons. No sea eagles flying but sitting with good views. An otter which everyone seemed excited about and hen harriers, red deer stags with harems and dozens of buzzards and kestrels.


Golden eagles, sea eagles and otters today but the look of Mull is creating gasps as usual at this time of year with huge expanses of red and gold hills with red deer stags and their harems roaming the mountainsides. Huge black showers and then blinding sun with waterfalls tumbling to the sea. The beaches just as white but empty. All very poetic to me.


Going to Glasgow today to take the grandchildren back and we have two golden eagles right over the house and peeling back to sit on the ridge behind us. If I bother to look into the sky here its just amazing what I see, or perhaps what I miss when I do not look! Its not tough to understand why wild creatures are endlessly on the look out when they cannot afford to miss anything, for fear of death or hunger! Sounds like a bank manager today!!


Beautiful day as a tourist today and off to Balamory with the grandchildren and to get my car serviced. Good seafood in Cafe Fish, lots of chatting to locals and then off to Calgary Beach which was sunny, white sand and my boyhood dream when I was a little boy!! Well I still am and I blame Mull ! This evening is a golden sky with purple islands out to sea. Ben More has a smoking halo as is usual and if you were from Costa Rica you’d be legging it expecting it to erupt anytime.


Been away for a few days and now have my two grandchildren here for a week. Its famous five stuff for all children here and Sonny and Charlie are no exception as they live in a flat in Glasgow the rest of the time. It was simply wonderful coming back through Glencoe again with the low sun showing every contour on those Lord of the Rings peaks and crags. Inspiring and awesome as always !