Well good news then for the West Coast of Scotland beacause we are heading into icy blasts and snow down the East of the UK and that means great weather here in the Hebrides!!!!No one seems to be reporting that we have been having the longest spells pf easterly winds in recent years, ever recorded in Britain and that always means dry sunny weather here in the Islands.


Here’s the scene. Our National Scenic Area, The most spectacular coastal run in Europe. Its mid winter and there’s no one for miles. Across a very stormy sea with white horses, snow trickles down all of our mountains like icing sugar.Overhead is a white tailed sea eagle leaning into wind like me. He’s glancing left and right above me and with imagination I see a twinkle in his eye saying ‘Wild things in wild places David, that’s you and me. But you can’t fly’.


Strangely enough it’s nice to get off Mull and see the world as others know it!! But how shocking life is now on the mainland and it seems to me more like existing or surviving than living. Shaking it all off to head through Glenco’s snowy wondrous scenery and then Mull beckoning with a beautiful sunset and empty big ocean and islands is definitely better than the ‘rage’ of life for so many people on mainland Britain. I go with optimism to England but I love coming back!!


Its been a lovely quiet day today though a little grey at times. But the snow on all the mountains across the sea does make for a wintry scene but evocative still. The sunset was as usual special at this time of year as it sets directly in front of the house in the off season. Huge splays of golden light fanned out across the horizon and over Iona through dirty grey clouds above.


We have snow on the mountains at present. I was at a meeting in Oban yesterday and sitting on the ferry looking across to the mountains of Mull it looked magical with the sun shining on the snowy peaks and dark grey islands and hills across Oban Bay. It’s visually stunning here at all times, whether in driving wind and rain or on calm sunny days on the beaches in summer. I have probably stated before that I am not religious but if God lives anywhere earthly it would probably be here in the Hebrides.


Really stormy weather yesterday evening and we lost a few slates. Things are built for it here though and if this were suburbia I’m pretty sure a few homes would see major damage. Calmer today and a sea eagle just lifted off the lansdcape in front of the house with an Iceland gull up with it. I suppose there could be a few Icelandic,Greenland birds around after the storm. Many winter here. To them this is their winter hols in the sun!!


Did anyone see ‘the best job in the world’ thing on the news the other day, with ariel views of white sandy beaches? It certainly looked like Mull!! But my job is definitely not up for grabs by anyone. I think that the BBC have got a liberty saying that my job is vacant!!!!


A calm slightly greyish day here today with rain expected this afternoon. Forgot a sighting the other day of a possible Wildcat just down our coast. They are not supposed to be here but people get odd sightings and this animal was on the button, with a big face, big banded tail drooping low with big black and typical wildcat body markings. So they ramain a little mythical here! Don’t wild things in wild places send a shiver down your spine??


Another beautiful Hebridean day here with showers and lots of sun. Though as you may know Mull does have the most varied scenery and climate in Britain and so it can be sunny all day in the south and cloudy and wet in the centre and like today snow on the top of Ben More. Terrific sunset now.