Some excellent trips but the weather has been wintry and varied. However these days give dramatic sightings. We had a male sea eagle close but he was off along a hillside. I caught him breaking the hill on the other side and guessed where he might be.Sure enough 4 miles away he was high in the mountains in strong wind posing at the edge of his territory. Eagles are romantic in every sense, from their look and where they live to their way of life.


Lots of eagles today. Female otter and cub snuggling up and then wandering around together on a seaweed point with a sun spangled sea behind them which made for really evocative images. Hen Harrier dashing off, to then cross the road, over a small lochan and then catch a vole and give us good views in the scope as it sat eating it. Bright crowd of customers also today!


Like everyone else we are in beautiful settled weather. Only here we also have mountains, islands, the sea and white sandy beaches!! I increasingly make no sense of why people stay in city life when the remoter parts of the world have always been the land of opportunity and have true ‘quality of life’ in my opinion. In the past we were not a herd animal but we have definitely become so, but does it really suit us I wonder? I think here you become an individual again.


The most beautiful day one could enjoy on Hebridean Island today with warm sun, no wind and a flat sea all the way to Iona. Still a small flecking of snow on the peak of Ben More but of course it adds to the scene.


Two days of up and down weather but very good sightings of both eagle species, male and female harriers and as I have always believed an optimist creates his own luck, a really good otter encounter as he wandered around a shingle shoreline showing his full silhouette and very ottery walk, with big back end and long stiff tail. If anyone wants to find a snow leopard stick me in Mongolia and I will find it!!.


Love taking kids out.They always ask great questions! Two today chatty and good fun. So Otter at the ferry point, sea eagles coming from trees dramatically and landing close while we had a coffee and scone!Divers and slavonian grebes. Where is the white billed diver? Hen harriers, sea and golden eagles flying,dippers,goosanders. You know that I don’t have to mention seals,buzzards and deer don’t you.


The most gorgeous day one could imagine in the Highlands, as we drove through Glencoe amid snow topped peaks and brilliant blue sky. There was no wind at all and at home the day ended witha super sunset. In these situations and after the city I always find myself wondering why more people do not live like this instead of that city mire. I dont think ‘work’ is a good enough excuse actually!!


A really wet, windy and mizzly day, so I was in search of calm water and an optimistic break later!So it transpired, with a fabulous encounter with an otter very close on Loch Spelve.Against the forecast it began to clear and we saw a golden eagle on loch Uisg. Off then to bigger country and glen more and a golden eagle and sea eagle at the same time.So top sightings on a bad bad day.


A pretty good day weather wise and good views of otter, sea eagles and golden eagles but rather like the same time last year a highlight for mewas at least 35 !! great northern divers together on Loch na Keal. All looking pally together and serene. Divers are usually solitary and so this behaviour intrigues me. Missesd 3 dolphins in Craignure though this morning.


Still a wonderful day today with a low sun, no wind, calm sea and a light dusting of snow across the loch and covering our main mountains.There’s a small group of red deer 50 metres in front of the house grazing gently left like a herd of wildebeest. I will have to put some sort of weekly photographic content on my site because snowy Ben More looks so beautiful right now.