Quiet start today with poor weather. By lunchtime it was clearing and, bang!! Various eagle sightings and a goldie attacking a sea eagle. Though I know she is a tough cookie! 4 otters, 4 short eared owls, lots of divers, goosander, whimbrel and very good view of a female hen harrier. Tonight the sky is clear and Benmore and its surrounding mountains are red from top to toe.


A stunning clear day here today and top views of otters yesterday on the trip. We had an early sighting of a male bringing fish ashore regularly but a female otter an hour later with two cubs was really entertaining. she caught a lumpsucker and the two cubs scrambled around here and began a tug of war between themselves until they each got a bit of the fish and settled to eat it.


Had a few days away in the Cairngorm National Park and I have to recommend it and the historic and posh Culloden Hotel near Inverness. Still snow up there and deeply forested at sea level. We saw Pine Martens and had lovely weather. You can’t beat The Scottish Islands for Ocean and Islands spectacle but its a super change to be in ancient Caledonian pine forest.


Ignore the forecasts the weather has been pretty good here! Lots of sea eagle sightings today, male and femle hen harriers interracting together, no otters !!! But big sighting of a young sea eaglethat came from miles out to be right over us on the highest road on the Island. It swung around with talons down upsetting a short eared owl and a buzzard.


Starting wet but getting better here today but it has been beautiful. Yesterday steam was coming off a flat calm sea on the way home and we saw porpoise late in the day and an otter very close.Tough start though, but fallow and red deer, lots of eagle sightings, male and female hen harriers, seals and more Afrcan birds are arriving for the summer. Lots of divers too.


A gorgeous day out and just across the water on Morvern today. It is very wooded along the coast there and looks back to Mull, very sheltered from easterlies and very warm.We also had a wander around the Ardtornish Estate which has magestic trees and a lush tropical feel today.I live in the most wonderful place in the world. In my opinion!


The most beautiful weather is grabbing the headlines again but being in exactly the right place to have lunch and maybe get the golden eagles paid off with big views.We also had a similar situation with the wind direction just right and two adult sea eagles coming from miles out and then above us. The realiable weather is almost too good because all creatures can act lazy!!


We are in very good weather here. Dry and sunny but a little windy at times. Lots of eagle sightings yesterday. You name it and they were doing it !! Otters are always a delight to everyone and so it was a pleasure to see peoples faces as mum and a cub did there thing pretty close to us.


Each day is rolling into the next right now with lots of eagle sightings, otters are pretty reliable also, hen harriers quiet just yet, barnacle geese still here and great northern divers coming into breeding plumage and only here until early may ! What I can state is that easterly winds are shaping up for Britain and that means long spells of sunny weather here. So anyone coming in the next fortnight at least, should get that.


Beautiful sunny day after a cloudy start today and so off to the beach with the grandchildren. Been having very good trips and keen people lately with otters, sea eagles and golden eagles of course. Two Iceland Gulls in Tobermory yesterday when I was there for a vehicle check. Plenty of great nortern divers around now.