More beautiful realiable weather but my wild friends know that and so they can sit around for ages not needing to fly and hunt just for me. Anyway, otter at the ferry point, another at Grasspoint,female hen harrier,seals,deer,palmate newts,sea eagle landing on a dead sheep and being pestered by hoodies and ravens,more otters close,adult sea eagle pretty low and putting lots of birds up. Even warmer this morning!!


Sparkling weather here and lots of sightings!Otters, whinchat,stonechat,snipe,woodpecker,cuckoo,goldeneagles,sea eagles,short eared owls,hen harriers and lots more.Most interesting as always are eagles doing different things. A young goldie yesterday repeatedly dropping and catching prey to eventually plunge down on a dead lamb and do the same thing with that.


Today was a true test of my senses with misty slow to clear weather but I think I got it right! With a sea eagle sitting in open flat ground and being mobbed by gulls with a greenshank nearby,otters doing different things and laterly golden eagles doing what I hoped as the weather slowly cleared. Actually my problem sometimes is in getting everyone on the trips focused on the task and aware.


Every trip I am asked about an eagle or an otters eyesight, their hearing and general awareness etc. What the now sheep like, PC and suburban state of we humans has lost is the magical and powerful sense of INSTINCT. All wild creatures have that’super sense’ which people like myself have to a much more limited degree. In fact ‘instinct’ in humans is in my opinion becoming more and more dulled. So get to the Wild more often, mix with true individuals. You will enjoy cultivating your lost senses!


May as always is delivering and we have just had guests here thst enjoyed a lovely sunny week. Lots of top sightings now with a sea eagle scrapping with an osprey above Ben Taladh. Young golden eagle coming right over us in the most spectacular place.Gorgeous encounters with otters yesterday as mum and the two cubs rolled around and then slept in a furry ball and later very close views of them swimming and wandering around on a small islet.


Good weathar and lots of really ineresting sightings lately. Porpoise,divers,harriers,peregrines,newts,otters doing different things but best of all lots of eagle sightings and a whole host of them yesterday with young golden eagles, adults, young sea eagles and adults. Sea eagles feeding on dead sheep with ravens pestering them etc etc etc.


Met a lot of people that come up regularly this week and I want to thank all of them for their help in spotting our wildlife. Why don’t you all move up here? Today Mull is a sparkling, crystal clear, Hebridean day, that only the most unromantic could not think was wonderful and inspiring.


A dry but really cold and very windy day. Problem is that we humans are not built for the more raw elements but we got the big three and latterly a male hen harrier racing quarter mile along a ridge like a peregrine, as a golden eagle swept low and past it, going the other way !!


More vivid and beautiful weather with everything from distant snow clad peaks to white sandy beaches on Iona being so crystal clear. Looking at this huge vista of the ‘best view in the world’ yet knowing there are only about 10 people in the entire sweep of the eye, amazes me in crowded Britain that there are not other adventurers like me out here. Seeing all of our big three on all days at the moment.


More beautiful sunny weather and yes otters, sea eagles,golden eagles but the brid that sucked us in latterly was a possible white billed diver! Or are other people trying to convince themselves? Because in our very clear and strong sunlight right now a greyish bill can look very light in colour but not as big and upturned as the white billed diver and so the questions go on and maybe I will find answers today on another trip?