Only 4 people today!! Yet we had lots of interraction with three sea eagles, then two golden eagles, peregrine falcon handsome and sitting, young sea eagle, burnet moths, two otters pretty close, plenty of seals and deer of course and finally another golden eagle distant. Plenty of sun today as flaming June departed Mull for another year.


More tropical weather but at least in the Islands there can still be a breeze and you can go in the sea or just paddle to keep cool.Could not find golden eagle or otter on yesterdays trip but had lots of sea eagle sightings and one up with a male harrier which was carrying prey and was dwarfed by the sea eagle.


The West of Scotland is all amazing and is still clearly the land of opportunity. We have just returned from a few days in Arisaig which coastally is low to the sea like the South of Mull with hidden white sand beaches such as the sands of Morar. Unlike most of Mull the area is also heavily wooded with native forest. Superb seaward views of Rhum, Eigg, Muck, Canna and Skye. It was sublime weather and new coastline for me to explore. Beautiful sky here tonight.


Another beautiful day unfurls here and I hope the trip matches it and then its off to Arisaig in the north west to play the role of tourist ! Wildlife wise the only really big creatures that the area can deliver are wildcat and pine marten and possibly minke whale off the small isles but it will be nice just to have a change frankly.


No trip today because I needed a haircut in Oban, Visa photos for a trip to St Petersburg and to deliver stuff to our accountant. But it was very sunny again sailing over and my hairdresser [why do I go when I have so little] said that a Spanish party in Oban had been complaining because it was too hot for them !!! Maybe it could all go the other way with global warming and Spanish people start moving to the Hebrides for the sun?


More tropical weather and porpoise, orchids, sea eagle, touching views of otter and cub but very exciting encounter with 4 adult golden eagles diving at each other on the ground, going for a walk!! locking talons and generally swooping and diving at each other for some time. So big moment with golden eagles.


Mull is tropical in feel right now and today we saw a few porpoise, others on the trip had dolphins in Oban. Good views of red throated divers today in summer plumage, two young sea eagles in Glen more,Mum otter and her cub rolling around on the seaweed while a male chilled out some way off,two adult sea eagles right overhead showing fluorescent tails and finally two golden eagles as we raced back for the ferry!


A sparkling morning today with emerald green landscape in front of the house and mirror calm sea all the way to Iona. But yesterday was mirky!! Saw otters, golden eagle sitting in the mist, young sea eagle and I then performed as a guide spotting an adult sea eagle in an old pine quarter mile behind us. Big view and got midged.


Volunteered to look for a small red and black day flying burnett moth with the butterfly conservation society and it is only seen on the isle of Ulva. It was the most beautiful day on the island with deep exotic vegetation and massive vistas in every direction AND we found the moths!!!!!!


Sea eagles and otters today but the most interesting encounter was long term views of a short eared owl at Grasspoint flying overhead lots of times and going out to sea and coming back. It repeatedly dived into very dense small patches of vegetation and stayed there for long periods. We also saw a red throated diver in summer plumage same coastal location.