Another dazzling day here and me out with the children to collect Chantarelle Mushrooms. We got quite a lot to the value of about £35.I think that being a professional forager here would be pretty interesting and better than being a forager anywhere else I guess because Mull is massive and very underpicked !!


Nice crowd today and a young man who helped me a lot with sightings today. So Sea eagle sitting and male hen harrier. Two short eared owls and a female hen harrier. Golden eagle above us being chased by crows and same bird again giving good views. No otters today but of course seals, red deer, buzzards etc. Then yesterdays young sea eagle again and then mum coming above us with big views.


Really chuffed today to see Glen Seilesdairs newly fledged young sea eagle on the wing. Last year the youngster was due to fly and went straight through the nest and died at the foot of it.We had good views of this years young and he eventually disappeared behind some conifers and we found him sitting with a very proud mum.


It’s a much tougher time of year with people less ‘focused’ though I am never sure why, but I suppose there is more of a ‘just looking for something to do’ mood. My own problem with this is that I dont just do my work for the money but to genuinely give people the best eco day out and to educuate them about wildlife and wild places and people seem less dedicated to this cause in the height of the tourism season.


Seems the weather has at last broken here with winds more to the west. But we so needed the rain here. Otters and golden eagles today but the interesting one was of a female sea eagle going out to sea and coming back pretty quick with prey. It swept along a line of trees and landed on the now empty nest and dropped down to feed the recently fledged youngster.


Nice crowd yesterday with two keen children, one from UK the other Belgium and we had plenty of top sightings. Sea eagle,hen harrier,golden eagles but no otters !! We also have our 3 year old Charlie for a time to keep his brother company and I will be putting the two boys pics on my photo library soon as we had a beautiful time on the beach today.


Where do they get these weather forecasts from? Its another ‘sparkling’ day here and we took Sonny into Glenmore to find the Crossbills. Which we duly did. We also had a young sea eagle with a buzzard over our heads. Then it was ”Can we climb a mountain”from Sonny. Halfway up the ‘mountain’ we sat by a waterfall and made aeroplanes out of twigs and grass. A Lovely day wild and free.


What rain we have had has been piffling!! and we need more but it seems not until Sunday earliest! Saw crossbills again yesterday and a male velvet scoter which is good for here. Porpoise, otters and sea eagles with one adult arriving with prey to give a newly fledged youngster sitting on the hillside.


Well today was our first real rain for months and frankly we all needed it with our own well out of water but we are lucky in having a stored supply for such eventualities.Took our grandson and his new pal from nearby to see the Peregrines on Gribbun Cliffs and do some beach combing which is always fun with kids of course. Its now dry and sunny.


Rain almost everywhere else but a super day starts again here and we saw the common dolphins in Oban Harbour yesterday which delighted Sonny our 5 year old grandson. We cycled later and did lots of boyish things, as you do!!Seeing the way Mull brings out the free spirit in him is just the meost delightful thing to behold. I wish I had enjoyed such a childhood instead of my terrace house and steel city experience.