The dreadful forecast was totally the opposite today. So various views of sea eagles, shearwaters, razorbills, guillemots, hen harriers sitting and flying. Pretty impressed with a bloke that spotted a young goldie sitting on a mountainside. We proceeded to have lots of views of golden eagles. Finally otter on seaweed point. Bright little girl on the trip who could be the next Kate Humble!


I’ve never once tired of doing my trips. Every day is different and I pity anyone who’s life is the same each day. To be out in the natural world with wild creatures in sun or pounding rain, amid the mountains of Mull, or walking white sandy beaches is wonderful and it’s not at all about being lucky !! We create ‘luck’ by making the big and important decisions in life, being unselfish and generous and doing your bit to make the world a better place. If you don’t you won’t be lucky !!


Diabolical wet start today but got porpoise in calmer water, two sea eagles sitting, golden eagle and sea flying, peregrine falcon as it began to clear, two more sea eagles sitting,otter behaving unusually in a torrent of water and finally good view of female hen harrier.


My mind keeps wandering back to St Petersburg which is nothing to do with nature at all! I suppose I was always so fascinated by Russia as a young man and I learned some Russian then. St Petersburg sits either side of the big River Neva in such a beautiful and adorning way, much as the Kremlin adorned Moscow during our cold war visit in mid winter and seeing the Bolshoi Ballet added to the beauty etc. I’m smitteen !


A really nice crowd today and so I was anxious to please. Distant golden eagles to start, great view of three otters, possibly 5 in the area.Big big big views of young sea and golden eagles tussling over a dead sheep with adults flying around and ravens pestering them all.


Slightly better weather. Adult sea eagle up with their two youngsters, shearwaters and gannets, two golden eagles soaring with two ravens annoying them, two more golden eagls one landing,Otter heading for a small islet and then scampering along various other islets, golden plovers, greenshanks, redshanks, young sea eagle sitting while adults soared overhead and then big views close as one landed legs out.


Its been rubbish weather! However yesterday was not much better but stacks of sightings.Two close otters at the ferry point,adult and young sea eagle with adult coming across the water and right over us, shearwaters, gannets, porpoise, hen harriers sitting,two golden eagles sitting on a peak, big big view of sitting adult sea eagle and finally mum and cub otter with really evocative sightings as mum caught a huge conger eel. Lots of lesser things of course too.


Amazing what you see if you look! getting up I saw a sea eagle over the house and same time yesterday there seemed to be a person or red deer on top of the hill behind the house.I checked ten minutes later and found it to be ayoung wing tagged sea eagle enjoying our view! I have Martin Frizell and his wife Fiona Philips and kids on the trip topday. He loves it here and always speaks well of the island and so they are a pleasure to take out.


A really good group today with a couple of top spotters that I know well. Plenty of eagle sightings, harriers, two otters were really good and latterly a young sea eagle back on the nestwith an adult soaring overhead with a buzzard. The sea eagle flew maybe 4 miles and landed on a rock and we could still see it in the scope at such a great distance with ravens around its ankles.


St Petersburg was elegant and fascinating and very sunny! As fascinating but less exciting than Moscow was in mid winter during the cold war when we had all sorts of James Bond experiences there.The Hermitage art collection is amazing and they have two of only 13 Leonardo da Vinci’s there. Going by hydrofoil to Peter the Great’s Palace was also wonderful. I like Russia!