‘Miracle’ sighting by me today of a golden eagle sitting on a mountainside just below the mist about a mile out. Otherwise plenty of action today with slavonian grebes,diver,otters,more golden eagles,sea eagles,various waders and tipped off about dolphins but could not find them but there were also some offshore in front of our house it seems!


It’s been the most dreadful period of weather and today was only just better. Very good close views of an otter, rock doves, turnstones, adult sea eagle sitting on the skyline of Inch Kenneth, young sea eagle right over us and then two adults sitting in a tree. Red deer, seals and female hen harrier. Finally news of a humpback whale off the Iona ferry and black browed albatross in Loch na Keal!!


Most will have heard of the Donald Trump golf course development which will remove local people from their homes. Could anyone against such a thing please sign the petition at http://38degrees.org.uk/donaldtrump


Mull is a genuinely romantic place and I think todays sighting of Mum and the otter cub fitted that picture. I had searched high and low and found nothing and then from quarter mile away I caught a glimpse of one in a choppy sea. Off we went and then had glimpses of them pretty close in the wind dappled sea. Suddenly they were onshore with their sunny backsides giving them away but we had to rush for the ferry !!


Another good day with golden eagle coming over us and various dramatic sea eagle and porpoise sightings.Top one today was a male hen harrier quartering grassland to then land on a short post to eat his prey giving super views flying and sitting. No otters today.


In a definite pattern right now with pretty good weather, good views of porpoise because of calm sea conditions, red throated divers, seals, red deer, golden and white tailed eagles, occasional hen harrier but no otters today except for one on the way to get everyone !!


Good spell of weather of course and the usual big sightings that we get in September. The variety of species depletes but there are numerous exciting views of sea eagles, golden eagles and otters and really good views of lots of porpoise today also.The eagle behaviour is the result of young eagles now flying more and looking for territories of their own and so pushing resident birds into action.


Everyone should be in The Hebrides today because it is the most beautiful blue sky and flat calm sea for miles out. Given that we all have a choice how can anyone live in suburbia!When I was younger and lived the suburban thing in Sheffield I think I just didnt know how fantastic it actually is out here.


Pretty good weather and a good crowd saw male hen harrier for some time, female also, red throated diver, razorbills, gannets, kittiwakes, stonechats,red deer,linnets,two families of otters, golden eagles sitting and flying and close view of adult sea eagle with the youngster across the bay. But problem with the vehicle heading home!