Lovely afternoon at Croig today with our son Sam and his girlfriend, both up from Cambridge for a few days.It’s the quintessential Hebridean beach about 100m wide enclosed by craggy rocks and little islets dotting the tiny bay which has a sweep of dazzling white sand and today an otter playing among the islets and seaweed in the sunshine. Paradise!


My last big trip could have been the wettest of the year !! But good view of sea eagle flying pretty close during a short break in the weather, hen harrier, red deer, otters and seals, great northern divers, greenshanks, goosander and a few more obvious sightings.


Dodgy weather again but more big sightings of otters,golden eagles and sea eagles, like yesterday standing in the shallows of a small stream in Glenmore. But highlight for me was a Brambling which I don’t see here. There are only two white rumped woodland birds. One is the Bullfinch and the other a winter visitor the Brambling and as I saw the white rump I knew it wasnt normal here!


Another big day with good views of hen harriers, two golden eagles right over our heads, two sea eagles standing in a stream 50m below us in Glenmore with a female merlin sitting 30ft from us. Very close poetic views of otters, sea eagle sitting and two golden eagles on the way home. Always lots of more obvious things of course.


The weather forecast was rubbish but they were wrong.Early sighting of hen harrier and two otters,plenty of red deer,seals,great views of golden eagles above us and displaying, another later in the day.Finally I waved my hand and suggested how the adult sea eagle might come our way and there he was way out and coming toward us wings flat out as he glided along the trees and down the coast. Great moments after such a shocking weather forecast.


Super day and weather. All three golden eagle territories seen today, otters, sea eagle, great northern diver, greenshank, goosanders etc. But best sighting was a young golden eagle coming low across the road, alighting on a boulder on the hillside and then being bombarded by a male and female hen harrier.


It began violently wet this morning after a rainy 24 hours but I can see Iona now and there’s more of a glow out to sea. As I got up there was a young sea eagle in front of the house being irritated by crows and he must have been very hungry to be out in such rain. Hopefully he is drying off now.


Good trip yesterday but only two people on it! However the lady had really good eyesight. Not as good as me but good! Sea eagle then, sitting and taking a short flight to catch prey and eat it pestered by crows. Otters were close and the couple were desperate to see one. Two hen harriers distant but interesting. Two golden eagles soaring with one landing on a peak. Good weather by the way.


Back to business today which is sunny. I love seeing my grandchildren because they are adorable of course but driving back through the empty Highlands was spectacular as always and on top of the Lochaline ferry with Mull beckoning is always stirring. It’s just the most wonderful place to live and to be so close to nature and the elements. But I like your cheap shopping !!


Top day today with red kite, sparrowhawk, hen harriers, merlin, sea eagle, buzzards and iceland gull close, and all within one hour of starting the trip. The rest of the day was normal then, with otters, more sea eagles, golden eagles and lots more.