It was the most beautiful day again today and I don’t see how it can be better. Yesterday was similar but colder in the south of the Island but we had very close views of sea and golden eagles and a few hen harriers. Also barnacle and greenland white fronted geese. Today though was warm, sunny and windless, with every movement on the sea visible miles out.


Lots of sightings and probably the best weather of the year today with mirror calm seas, blue sky and flecks of snow on the meountains of mull with more snow capped peaks across the sea on the mainland. There is no one about but those that are have a big smile on their face! Off to the beaches of the south tommorrow.


I hope people are enjoying my ‘Gallery’ pictures. All taken on my mobile phone camera by the way! If anyone has a fond memory of the Islands and would like to see a winter picture, please let me know and I will try and put something up before Christmas for you. Though ‘wild’ life is obviously tough to take via my mobile phone!!


We have had some violent wild weather but its calming now with the sun over Iona and the usual winter cloud over Ben More. I have trips tomorrow and sunday and there should be lots of activity after the stormy weather.A young sea eagle was in front of the house yesterday being harried by ravens. Its a tough time for youngsters as they enter their first winter away from mum and dad.


It’s been great to get away and see all the kids and I do find the city a bit of a toy and a novelty to be honest but I don’t get it anymore as a place to live!! Where is the quality of life? I feel full of problems about parking dodging traffic and weird people! Here it’s paradise by comparison where you can be a true individual again, a free spirit and where life is healthy and safe again.


I cannot believe that there is anywhere more stunningly beautiful and atmospheric than a winters day in the Hebridean Islands. To walk on an empty Hebridean white sand beach on a sunny mid winter day here must be the most romantic experience in the world.


Guests on our Winter Wildlife Package have just had a great two days on the trip, with lots of sightings. Starting with golden eagle sitting on the headland in front of the house and finishing with woodcocks waiting by our gate as we drove back.Top golden and sea eagle views, porpoise, otters and so much more with superb winter lighting.


I took the children out today from the primary school at Ulva Ferry and though no golden eagles we saw sea eagles, otter, hen harriers, goosanders etc and most important of all I thrashed the kids and teachers in my suggested stone skimming across the water competition. Of course stone skimming is one of my stronger sports! Same with conkers !


Today was stunning weather and mirror calm sea on a day out to Oban. It was a beautiful serene sea and sunset sailing back, with people on deck captivated by it all. Perhaps made better because Sheffield United scraped a draw at Barnsley last night and so I am feeling pretty good!!


Couple of really good days out with cold but lovely weather. Lots of otter sightings, sea eagles sitting, hen harriers and glorious views of golden eagles overhead. Best was a peregerine gliding alang Gribbun cliffs alighting and then plunging off the cliff to sweep around us after some smaller birds. Very close.