Mull is just stunning right now, sunny but cold and with big empty glens and mountains covered in snow. We saw both eagles today, fleeting otters and divers but highlight was a group of crossbills which are like little parrots and so colourful. A little girl on my trip by the name of Harriet who was very polite and bright, watched a buzzard fly low and alight on a fir tree and she said ”its just like a fairy landing on top of a Cristmas tree” !!


Like everyone else we are in an artic grip but it looks fantastic here and on a trip today we saw lots of eagles doing lots of things amid the snowy peaks of Glenmore. The whole experience felt like being in Greenland.


Today was the most perfect day of the year. Mull was dressed to thrill with snow carpeting the whole of the west coast and islands. Sunny, warm, windless and just the most beautiful scenes imaginable across to the Isle of Ulva and looking back toward Ben More towering from the sea with all of its neighbouring mountains full of snow. How on earth can humans ever be happy living away from this their natural habitat and such a spectacle!


You see how unreligious I am. I even mentioned my friends Neil and Sue in a posting today, when I mean ‘Noel’ and Sue! Just as a footnote. Out today in the snow with my two boys rescuing Tims new sports car we came across a beautiful scene across loch na Keal to the mountains and a male hen harrier with his white plumage and grey wing tips drifted ghostly across the scene.


I am not religious but I still want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and new year. We have received lots of cards and sent lots, but unfortunately I don’t have the addresses of many. For instance Neil and Sue who love Mull and come up every year helping me on my trips occasionally, but I don’t have your address !!! Why do these times of year make us all feel so philosophical?


It’s truly a winter wonderland on Christans Eve with a wonderful sunset right now. After trips to the city I am utterly convinced that city/suburban life reduces and somehow clones people into being much the same. Whereas here on an Island like Mull with nature all around you, you feel like an eagle and a free spirit and can be whatever you want to be.


Well unusually for Mull we are I suppose snowbound at the moment. Which is lovely wandering around the area on foot. But our two sons are stuck in Moffat and our road from Salen isnt good for my eldest sons posh sports car. They are due here tomorrow for a while as are our two gorgeous grandsons in a couple of days. I am hoping to beat them in a sledging competition! Although the 3yr old is a pretty tough cookie.


Just beautiful today with no wind at all and light snow everywhere. Pretty icy though getting up our track but a winter scene in the Hebrides is pretty fantastic. Visiting the city last week I just dont see the quality of life there, wasting fuel in traffic, trillions of people pouring around the place. The only plus is the cheap shopping!!


Just had a week in Bakewell Derbyshire which was really good and had clear weather all the way back until Mull, which was sleaty and snowy but now late afternoon it is serene and beautiful again with dark puffy grey clouds over Iona and a vast peachy sky above and over the whole seaview from here.


It was a calm slightly spring like day today and the usual rock doves were skipping by the house with ravens calling and buzzards as always here. I am into repairing things and filling holes in the road etc right now because wildlife customers are rarer than a greenland gyrfalcon. Yet winter is best !!