Another very calm day for the trip and lots of steady sightings. Within 10 minutes of leaving the ferry point we had good views of two sea eagles, otter in the water and onshore and a number of porpoise. Onto Loch na Keal and golden eagle, slavonian grebes, great northern divers, goldeneye etc etc. Peregrine falcon sitting on the skyline and golden eagle going over our heads and then TOP views of a female otter with her cubs fishing and then grooming them onshore.


I am not religious but I know it has made me more ‘religious’ and perhaps more visionary living in this vast and beautiful place. I am convinced that to find true fulfilment we humans need aspirations, dreams and a target and hopes to aim for and commit to in life. Without it I think that we become ordinary and simply wander through life and one day wish we had commited ourselves more.


Well a greyish cold windy day today but its not like the same day in a city !! Three golden eagles circled the top of our track, two young sea eagles sitting and flying at Killiechronan, 2otters and a male peregrine above their breeding cliffs [the adult or one of this years young coming back home to look for mum?].


A Very Merry Christmas to everyone and wish you were here. Its a calm sunny day and the first time I have seen an otter near the house. He ambled up from the coast which is 400m away and weaved his way through grassy tussocks and snow and seemed to be heading for some chickens which live on the hill behind us. There are also 2 large pigs so that could be interesting.


It was lovely run through Mulls snowy landscape today to visit friends at loch Buie with our two boys. On Loch Spelve we saw a sea eagle black and silhouetted sitting on the shoreline watching two otters fishing nearby. He obviously had his eyes on a Christmas Eve treat which they were going to catch !!!


Another inspiring sunny day with an orange horizon out over Iona now. As a youngster I would have given anything to escape our terraced house trapped among the steelworks of Sheffield to do what I am doing right now and that’s carry water from our well along a snowy trail and back to a big log fire in our house in The Hebrides. Sledging, kayaking, snorkelling and just plain exploring. Heaven at last.


Snow everywhere and simply wonderful with clear blue sky and flat sea. There is this idea down south that Scotland is not the place to be in winter, but it is ‘THE’ place in winter, particualarly along the west coast and on the Islands. The atmosphere is crystal clear and there are vast empty skies teeeming with stars and the most romantic scenes to behold.


Visiting the kids in York, Glasgow and Mum in Sheffield was very nice and so was the shopping but I can’t see any other reason to be there when there are such inspiring and beautiful places to live in the world. Seems to me that The city suburban thing is oiled entirely by modern humans herd like lives and being afraid to break free.


We have lots of clear starry skies and last night there were a number of meteor sightings and same again this morning. Maybe even more tonight and you never know possibly ‘The Northern Lights’ which we have seen from here. More sunny weather today of course !! But could be snow later in the week so better polish the runners on my sledge I suppose.


Another fabulous day here. From my own travels around the world I think that the Hebridean Islands and West Coast of Scotland are the most beautiful, inspiring and varied place anywhere, and still the land of opportunity for the true individual. However from my experience the millions of ordinary people think its a safer and easier bet with the suburban thing. When of course it isnt !! Far safer, more adventurous and with every day different, here in the Hebrides, by far.