We have had a glorious weekend here with sun from morning to evening, light winds, cold in the wind but warm in the sun. Ben More is still dappled with snow and I wish I was on wildlife trips but all these townies are hunkered down watching the TV instead of wandering The Hebridean Islands, which are so beautiful on days like this.


It’s been another beautiful sunny day but cold in the wind. However, I found that at our former hotel in Tobermory even in mid winter if it was sunny and if you were out of the wind it was warm here because the atmosphere is so unpoluted and clear and it is excatly the same at the new house which is almost too warm on sunny winter days like this.


Not much to report I suppose until my trips kick off again in Feb. However the weather has been reasonable I suppose though greyer and a bit mizzly at times after the sunny days previously.Good view of an otter rolling on his back and golden eagles fighting with ravens above the house but late last night on the way back from a meeting various sightings of barn and tawny owls.


Another stunning day here with no wind, sunny and now finishing with a beautiful red sunset over Iona. Ben More to our left is dark with flecks of snow and a dozen sheep in the foregound on a small hill 25yds from the house. All very photogenic.If you cant produce great photo’s on Mull I would chuck my camera in the sea and take up needlework.


Awesome run from Glasgow back to Mull today with clear sky, snow capped peaks, no wind at all and a flatter than flat sea here on Mull. Then a short walk out in warm sun, it was such a wonderful day. To think you can leave the hurly burly of Glasgow and be amid this vast empty splendour in 3 hours. I have no problem understanding why ancient people living in such spectacularly wild places worshiped them, because as modern man I do !!!.


On a trip today with two people from Bucks who had been given the day out as a present, lucky things! So a slow start with a dipper, waders, divers and barnacle geese. Then we stopped for lunch and from then we had a number of eagles both sea and golden coming from range and then right over us. When they had not seen eagles before I felt the thrill for them. But then I still enjoy The Hebrides like a little boy! All children should live somewhere like this for a chunk of their lives.


Its the most serene, windless, sunny and warm day here today. Off to the pool for a swim and to have a look for porpoise which were giving good views a few days ago on a very calm sea which is clearly the best conditions because they are not that big.


Coming back from the swimming pool we stopped to enjoy the best view on the West Coast, which is 800m above the house and I was just about to say, what a terrific view, as a fishing boat bobbed on a sun setting sea.When a young sea eagle lifted of some rocks to our right and soared over us and out across Loch na Keal showing its talons a couple of times as if to say don’t disturb me again.


The weather is back to ‘normal’ here with the peak of Ben More across the sea covered in grey cloud with flecks of snow disappearing into it. Ahead Iona is its usual self with golden shafts of sunlight splaying onto the Island and the south of Mull.Buzzards have been calling all day and birds on the feeders are less active. Probably a sign that they can now forage for wild food. Could be a good sunset tonight I think.


We have lost the sunny days and snowy scenes and it’s been much greyer with our first rain now. The snow line has retreated to halfway up the bigger mountains and it must be a relief for wildife to be able to feed again. Here the bird feeders have been busier than the winter sales at John Lewis! Buzzards and ravens are calling and scrapping behind the house and woodcocks are still rushing by. Or does that sound like the sales at John Lewis again?