More miraculous weather here today with clear blue sky and predicted to last for at least another week. Same weather yesterday when on a trip we had lots of sea eagle sightings but no golden eagles but otter and divers and of course the more obvious Hebridean creatures.


More stunning weather and visual effects here. 10otters today and sea and golden eagles. We got big snow showers on the other side of the Island as we saw two seperate otter families and then blue sky again on the west coast. Mighty view of the two Killiechronan sea eagles with the most fabulous backdrop.


I think its been one of our best winters here and yet another sparkling day again today and so interesting watching what must have been snow showers in the mountains from here and yet the house bathed in sunshine. I also think it’s going to last into next week at least and while ever it’s cold easterly winds in Britain, it will. By the way forgot to mention the crossbills the other day!


Its another wonderful day here but I am off doing normal things today like getting a haircut and buying do it yourself stuff to repair some chairs and so this is a boring posting but I am as usual inspired by such a beautiful day and I know it could be a good ferry trip to Oban. There’s a recent sunset from this on my ‘gallery’ page by the way.


No trip today and friends calling round but we have had a dusting of snow covering the entire scene from the house. It a mercury looking sea out there, flat calm with golden clouds over Iona and black looking sea cliffs and mountains covered in icing sugar. In a nutshell, vast and empty, tranquil and inviting you to explore.


Another good day and trip with big views of otters, sea eagles and golden eagles. Its such a pleasure to have someone on the tour who has never seen a golden eagle and then have them soaring over his head, from maybe the most spectacular spot on the Island. But then its all spectacular here !


Not so sunny now but still pretty good and even more photogenic. But it was a romantic sighting on Valentines Day from the north of Mull as the Isle of Staffa bobbed on a silver calm sea about four miles out and a golden eagle soared in the foreground over his sea cliffs. It was very poetic and evocative, but such stuff is in the eye of the beholder of course!


Glorious day and trip. Porpoise, young sea eagle sitting very close onshore, black throated and great northern divers, slavonian grebe, black guillemots, golden eagles soaring, young sea eagle attacked by peregrine, adult sea’s flying and landing on peak, otter and another family of three, female hen harrier, red and fallow deer, seals of course.


We have just had yet another tropical looking day and had our first ‘tropical’ shower lasting 5minutes! The sea is golden and like glass out there with black silhoutted islets bobbing like the backs of large whales. But then its the best view in the world from the house and so it may be hypnotising me again!!