Its sunny but windy still and Wow its been pretty bad for 24 hours. However everyone thought it exciting following an otter below us and leaning into a very strong and cold wind to do so. Also had another otter at the ferry point, male hen harrier and sea eagles have been flat out on their nests protecting their eggs in testing conditions to say the least but they should be ok now.


Easterly winds !!! That means another glorious day here. Very good views to be had now of the sea eagles. A golden eagle rose and checked two out which were on her territory but yesterday we had the most romantic sightings of a family of three otters and another with thick wet fur onshore where we could count his whiskers in the telescope. Also good views of peregrines sitting, flying and calling.


The weather is a bit up and down now but still very good really. I attended a meeting in Oban on land use yesterday which was interesting. However I still think our species are pretty ordinary, with big ideas seemingly hard to come by. Of course I think that I have plenty of big ideas and so I would say that would’nt I !!


Mull is more windy now but we are still having some beautiful weather like today. Trips have produced the usual big sightings but yesterday was tough on a greyer, colder, windier day.What I have noticed is that March and April are looking far busier than normal and I am not sure why. However the sea eagles are doing things a lot earlier too!!


Sunny and colourful day today and very challenging in a cold wind later but we had slavonian grebes, 20 great northern divers in a tight group, golden eagles and lots of sea eagles many of which are on eggs now. No otters though today yet conditions looked good. Maybe tommorrow!!


Just off on a trip today with sunshine and no wind at all. At least the weather people were saying ‘and sunny in Western Scotland’ this morning and at last giving us some credit when it is nice here. He even repeated it half an a hour later, can you believe that!! I would also like to hear them reporting on us being the sunniest place in Britain this winter.


It’s all change with the winds from the West now and today was grey,cold but dry. Good group of people though and we enjoyed porpoise, otter, sea eagles flying and sitting and interracting, golden eagles, divers, dippers and the usual wildlife for this time of year.


Where do the BBC get their weather forecasts from? When it’s sunny up here it never gets a mention but when it’s sunny down south they make so much of it. They say it’s grey and drizzly up here today!! Well it’s bright and getting sunny. Its very calm and I have been outside painting the house.


It feels wild and free here after the narrow streets of Florence but its light rain here today !! Most local people are saying it’s been the best winter ever and once the winds come from the west it will all change. There is a hint of this today after such a long spell of easterlies. I like travelling the world but The Hebridean Islands are unbeatable.


Well Florence was fascinating, stylish and full of art. However it was very cold with snow as we landed and still sunny on Mull !! Seeing another rare Leonardo da Vinci was thrilling, as was Michaelangelo’s awesome sculpture of David which was huge. Panoramic views over the city from across the River Arno were beautiful but eating out is about 3 times more than UK. If you go travel everywhere by train, it’s cheap and very easy.