Typical day at the office yesterday with both eagle species, otters and always of course the more obvious species, which would be too long a list !! But today is a tropical looking day here with shorts on!! I had a day off and thought I might find the Bee Eaters sunning themselves on the beach at Calgary. Todays weather should have confirmed to them that they are quite right in assuming that they are in Sicily and so where were they?


Its incredibly rewarding for me to fulfil someones dream and I had a Scot on the trip today who had always dreamed of seeing a Golden Eagle in the wild. Well we had fantastic views of a bird coming over us and alighting a couple of miles away. I found it sitting in a tree on a cragside. It was brilliant spot by me !!! Two other birds later right above us and then sitting pretty close. He was ecstatic !


Nice day today but wet yesterday but still got golden eagles flying and sitting and a family of 3 otters. How ready the BBC are to say ”and rain in western scotland” yet ignore the fact that we have had the best winter ever here with sun and no wind virtually every day. So little wind that my neighbour Tom Heap of the BBC was told on a Radio 4 programme about alternative energy that there was no wind here for his wind turbine idea !!!!!


Really big trip today. Peregrines flying, sitting, feeding, golden eagle over our head with ravens, various sea eagles, Britains most handsome bird the black throated diver, in full summer plumage, same with great northerns. Big highlight was into the evening with the two Bee Eaters at Calgary Bay. To see two such exotic Mediterranean birds on the far west coast of such a northerly place as a Hebridean Island was amazing.


Well we finally have rain up here as the winds go to the south west. However not enough to stop us seeing sea and golden eagles. Migrating birds are on the meove north now as southerlies give them the wind beneath their wings so to speak. We even have a couple of Bee Eaters at Calgary and I suppose they could stay and nest. The last one I had was at Glengorm castle and was as much like Sardinia as it could be. It was so exciting seeing such an ailien bird calling and glistening in the sun.


Not a lot to report of late as I have not been out on trips but lots to report on paperwork and housework etc! We have our first rain for a long time but it’s more like townie rain and not worth counting and so I can’t see it having any effect on peoples water supplies here. Good weather tomorrow and of on a trip which should be very good I feel.


I am not going to mention sunshine again but will let you know when it eventually rains here !! Excellent trip the other day with the big three and male hen harrier doing his sky dance and a female doing the same on another territory. I think the moral of the volcano thing is, holiday in Britian especially when we have had the best winter ever AND most people in Britain have never even been to The Hebrides !!!!!!! It’s disgusting !!!


I think we had some rain yesterday! But we have all forgotten what it looks like and so it might not have been. Crystal clear today again and if it’s such weather in the Hebridean Islands then you could be in Heaven. Winds are still very very favourable for us with northerly and easterly winds when it is always sunny here but we will need water soon and we are heading for our historically dry period of May !!!


More amazing weather but no otters today, however close views of golden eagles sitting and displaying, to then land on a peak a mile away. Sea eagles also very close, peregrine falcon, divers, rock doves, fallow and red deer etc. The views out to sea and across huge sea cliffs were just wonderful today with all of the Islands bathed in sunshine.


More stunning weather and sea eagle sitting and then flying over us, razorbills, red throated and great northern divers, cuckoo, rock, tree and meadow pipits, stock dove and lots of rock doves, golden eagle sitting and big view of male otter in the water and onshore, whooper swans, wheaters, grey wagtails displaying and mating, red and fallow deer, slavonian grebes, seals and more.