It was beautiful day on the lovely wooded and totally unspoilt Island of Ulva. The girls at the small restaurant there do delicious seafood and so the prawns were perfect. In 31 years here this has been the best six months of weather with a windless winter, sunny and dry. The spring is not quite as good but it’s still great and we have a stunning still evening right now with a golden glow on Ben More and flat sea.


Whatever the BBC weathar forecasts tell you, it’s been another good couple of days here with more big sightings of otters, sea eagles and golden eagles. Plus porpoise, redstarts, short eared owl, peregrine falcons, bar tailed godwit, grey and common seals, red and fallow deer, crossbills, wheatears, twite, all of Mulls pipits and lots of things I can’t remember!


Yet another dazzling day with a number of porpoise off Grasspoint, big view of sea eagles there, distant hen harrier, sensational views of golden eagles flying and sitting, whinchats, eiders, seals, red deer, lots of whitethroats, rock, meadow and tree pipits etc.


I think that this year has been some of my best sightings ever of Eagles and Otters. Today we had a peregrine falcon attacking a young sea eagle which rolled over in the air as the Peregrine swooped at it from different angles. I am always elated when I can show people something that they have maybe always wanted to see and what a pleasure it is to take young children out who are keen on nature. They ask the most amazing and uninhibted questions !!


No trip on this glorious day, so off to Callaich Point in the north west to see what was there. Two sea eagles were sitting nearby on the way down the track and lots of sea birds were on the water. Dark and Light phase arctic skuas, razorbills, black and common guillemots, shearwaters, gannets, terns, fulmars, kittiwakes but no cetaceans though historically good there for basking sharks.


Working at home today in weather that reminds me of slightly grey calm days in Bali and before tourists had found it !! Is it the way Mull will go I wonder ? On a drive out we saw Crossbills at Killiechronan and our guests saw a large group at Langamull. Seems to me they always put muggins on top of a tree to watch out for sparrowhawks but then he could also just be the boss, resting !


A gorgeous serene evening after a mizzly day. Just followed a peregrine over the house and found him a mile way chasing lapwings and then out over a golden sea. Ben More looks like it is still volcanic and erupting. Lots of sightings on the trip today. Golden and sea eagles, otter, peregrine calling and flying, twite, porpoise, dunlin, greenshank, about 12 geat northern divers in summer plumage, male hen harrier etc.


Definitely up and down weather now. Brilliant yesterday again but today calm and misty, however I think this will be a good day !! Really good eagle encounters yesterday with two adjoining goldie territories having a real ding dong of a scrap. Otters and sea eagles as usual with another otter at the ferry point.


Stunning day again and a flat calm sea. It seems the young Pine Martens are being allowed to fledge here but I need more info on the whole matter. Back to the weather !!! Because from my office right now there is a golden and tropical glow miles out to sea. Just fabulous and I ask again how people can live in suburbia when they have the choice.


More and more glorious weather here and terrific encounters with our top three. But what do we make of a Pine Marten with kits in the roof of one of the stores in Craignure ?? After all they are not supposed to be here!! The authorities will have a dilemma whether to let them be or relocate to the Highlands. Another sighting then, as interesting as the 2 Bee-eaters at Calgary.