It reminds me of Indonesia in the last week, strange, steamy and misty but clearing to be very warm. Today we had good views of golden eagles flying along a ridge and settling to give exciting images in the scope. Otter and sea eagles and porpoise breaking the sea like a small whale.


Had a lovely weekend at the archeological site of Kilmarten Glen but the only decent hotel we could find in the area was grossly overpriced for what it was. There are too many destinations in remoter parts which you might say have the market cornered and unfortunately whose owners have little conscience ! Walking down our track this evening we had a great view of a male hen harrier which was the closest I have ever seen to the house.


Still no sign of even a heavy shower for Mull. However visitors are happy about this. Male hen harrier went passed the house and females seen on the trip today with golden eagles, 3 separate otters and a sea eagle coming from range to be right over us and landing on a small islet. I am getting very warm handshakes this year, so am I getting better at it after 30 years or are they more excited about wildlife in Britain ?


Well I have just had my artist friend round Angus Stewart. Showing me his film about the famous Tobermory Otter. It’s brilliant. I have never seen such creative and original footage of an Otter. Add the human twist and it’s really really good. Watch this space in case he decides to sell it !


We got some actual rain last night. Well not really it was a sort of drizzle and now it’s back to normal, as it is in the Persian Gulf ! I guess the neighbours will be out doing a rain dance again tonight. It doesn’t work though and I think that stealing water in a large tanker from Watford would be more successful. Or !!! should we just enjoy the great weather and eat lots fruit because oranges are now plentiful here.


The tropical weather continues here with months of little wind. I had a pretty green gang of ‘beginners’ the other day and the only chap with what I can call binoculars was seeing two of everything cos they were damaged. However they are now fully trained wildlife watchers after they had sightings of our top three species and more importantly learned how to look and the gear they really need to see wild creatures in Britain. Binoculars are far more important than cameras !


Well it’s good weather here until at least next Tuesday and probably beyond and so when it comes to paying your bills here it would help you enormously if drive up in a large water tanker and pay all your accounts with that, because it’s rather like Abu Dhabi right now but with eagles !!


Having more super weather with sightings of sea and golden eagles, otters and hen harriers becoming very reliable now and peregrines and short eared owl popped in for good measure. However I am certain that the easterly and northerly winds of this year have done real damage to the insect supply, though its been good weather for humans here. Mizzly weather tomorrow !


The BBC are lying as usual !! Our great weather has gone on and on here. UNTIL last night and we have now had about 10 hours of drizzle, but it is clearing now and so we are happy as a sandboy with everyone at last getting some water. But tommorow is sunny again. Orchids are now showing all over the Island and eagles are rearing lots of young but one of a pair did fall out of a nest and has been taken to the mainland for some attention.