I have had a profound thought. It is a myth that there is more ‘to do’ in the cities!! Or maybe it is if you are very rich. Here in the Hebrides I have seen families arrive and be rejuvinated and inspired by the freedom of it all, at virtually no expense. You can hike, cycle, climb mountains, swim naked off white sandy beaches, fish, sail, see whales and eagles, be very safe and totally un PC and enjoy all of natures elements and more.


A day for the pessimist I guess, as so many people are ! Misty drizzly weather seemingly everywhere. So I had to do my stuff like Moses and part the waves. With a big sighting of sea eagles sitting, then it closed in again. 30 mins later great view of otter on a small islet just offshore. Then I parted the clouds again as a male hen harrier soared above a ridge and repeatedly dived at a rocky outcrop, which produced a sitting golden eagle in my scope. And I am not religious !!!


What is it about the main tourist season. People arrive in a remote place with no research done on the destination and simply pick up a leaflet by any Tom, Dick or Harry who claims they have a knowledge about wildlife and off they go with them!!!In Spring all seem to have an enquiring mind and would never go on something so knowledge based as a wildlife tour with just anyone. If you were going to Costa Rica would you go into the jungle with Pedro just cos you saw his leaflet. Maybe ??


Another interesting day with hen harrier, sea eagles, golden eagles and a fleeting otter on a shoreline with too many people disturbing it !!However the other otter sighting was more interesting which was again fleeting but he was a mile from the sea and ambling through bracken 25m away, until he saw us and ambled back again. Disturbed accidentally by the way. Or did he disturb us?


Strange day for weather with Mull more like Costa Rica by the day. We found a dry corner and saw porpoise, peregrine falcon, short eared owl, female hen harrier and a sea eagle carried prey to its newly fledged youngster. Then we had to enter the clouds and misty peaks !! But no golden eagles nor otters at sea level but more sea eagles and then a golden eagle on the way back as it cleared to sun and we had it flying and sitting on the top of a mountain in my scope. Very romantic view.


A lovely sunny day out with a really nice family. We saw sea and golden eagles, harriers and the children were a real pleasure to take out as kids often are. Very enthusiastic, full of life and above all ‘optimism’. So important in children I think because an optimist can truly make thngs happen in life.


Super weather and sea eagles with young, golden eagle eating a dead sheep with their youngster flying and calling. After missing 3 otters on a rocky shoreline we were coming past there again and I saw the dark silhouette of a tufty headed common sandpiper and with a flash of blue and away I realised it was a kingfisher which dived into the water and took something. Has anyone seen a European kingfisher feeding in the sea at all? Last one I saw was on freshwater here and must be 10 years ago.


Glorious weather with adults and young sea eagles flying and sitting, brilliant golden eagles coming from on high and racing along a cragside with high drama and sweep over sea cliffs to perch on tree on the cliffside. Most interesting was what I thought were 3 kestrels tangling with each other, until one of the ‘kestrels’ took another and flew off with it. Then I realised that one of them was a young peregrine that we had been looking for !


Mist and mizzle lingered all day with only the odd clearance but atmospheric yes ! So very close otter onshore and off. Sea eagle sitting and wet youngster in a nest. Good biews of adults away from the nest later. Big moment at the islands most panoramic spot as two golden eagles swept over and along sea cliffs to sit and give great sitting and flying views in a spectacular place. Male hen harrier flew alongside us on the way back.


It started dubious but turned into another tropical day and with big sightings of sea eagles, otters and a young golden eagle up with adults and then alighting on a dead sheep and start eating it. I think it was an exciting wild sighting of a truly charismatic wild creature a mile away on a mountainside but great through my scope. I also had a 7 strong Flemish family and only dad spoke English, but the kids were a pleasure particularly a young Kate Humble I think !