Another super day of weather and wildlife with really close and interesting views of separate otters, golden eagles sitting and flying and really good sightings of sea eagles particularly 3 youngsters pretty close amd interracting in the air and on the ground with numerous ravens.


As predicted a sunny day dawns here. It’s breezy with white horses on the sea. Gannets are diving and the white sands of Iona are visible way out. Swallows are wizzing around the house, obviously not drawn to Africa yet ! We are off to get more blackberries and chanterelle mushrooms. If you want to be a professional forager come to the Hebrides, it is almost totally under picked.


Seems it’s going to be sunny all week here and so this your big chance to get a quick fly drive deal and get up here pronto. Pack only binoculars, sun cream, bird book amd swimwear.


Its a dodgy day today with misty rain and the odd clear spell but yesterday was another glorious day. Highlight was a female otter wandering along the shoreline to eventually meet up with one of her now advanced cubs, nuzzled each other, then went off together to groom and roll around before heading back along the coast to the holt area. Gorgeous views then onshore as the two otters filled the telescope.


No trip today but its another ‘as good as it gets’ day here in The Hebrides and a short time ago we all watched a hen harrier interracting with hooded crows for about 20 minutes right in front of the house. Could be the best long term views of harriers we have ever had from here. Off picking blackberries now and then to the swimming pool. Is there anything nicer than blackberry pie and custard?? Be honest.


More good as it gets weather and sightings, with great otters, harriers and sea and golden eagles interracting with each other today. Lots of entertainment basically all day. BUT I have just emptied the picnic basket to find that in the midst of it all I forgot to give everyone a cake and a drink after lunch !! So sorry about this.I wondered why I was so thirsty !


Another beautiful day here. Amazing I know but I have people on my trips who have never been to the Hebrides before ! Some have never even been to Scotland !! There are even people quite mature who do not even have a pair of binoculars. Can you believe it? What have these people been doing all their lives? It is the thinking persons destination here admittedly but I think there are a lot of people that need to travel more than they do.


More of this ‘tropical’ weather. Today we had female and male hen harrier and obviously the usual seals, red deer etc. But the big one was interraction between adult and immature sea eagle and two adult golden eagles. With them repeatedly swooping at each other low down and one of the sea eagles circling for some time with prey [probably stolen from the goldies] either triumphant or showing the youngster what to do. Hard to tell.


‘Tropical’ rain in the mountains and warm sun on the coast today. It gets so like Costa Rica! It’s becoming a skill now to find things, as everything is on the move or on the way to Africa. But I got the otters and sea eagles and had good judgement as the rain cleared and we had close sightings of golden eagles sitting and flying. My own pleasure is in pitting my wits and knowledge against wild creatures and their relationship with the elements.


Check ‘Brightwater Lodge’on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula on google. We had terrific self catering accommodation and weather there this weekend. Lots of basking shark sightings with one 50m below us near a sandy bay at Sanna and more hidden beaches to find. Take any turning west on the west of scotland and you will find sandy headlands and ruined castles and lots of spectacle to behold the eye.