Well lots of customers and lots of sightings this week. For some reason the ones of Golden and White Tailed Sea Eagles are always ‘BIG’ it seems. Or do they just have me star struck ? No otters today but otherwise three seperate territories of otters day before. With one coming out of the middle of loch na Keal with a fish to eat onshore, an earlier family of adult and 2 young and finally mum and 2 cubs on loch Scridain. Still good weather here.


Cold in the wind and warm in the sun, our super weather continues here. By the way had my closest encounter with a Sparrowhawk ever the other day as the grandchildren ran down our path they put up a female sparrowhawk which came zooming up the path toward me and as I leaned back it virtually brushed my chest and then swept away to sit on a fence. Very dramatic moment.


Another very atmospheric day as we collected lots of Chanterelle mushrooms, blackberries and stacks of Oysters. By the way normally in the UK we eat farmed Pacific oysters grown in the Atlantic. Here the wild ones are better and Atlantic oysters growing in the Atlantic !! What a time you could have just living off wild foods here. But it’s a bit like painting, I just don’t have the time !


A stunning afternoon coming back from Oban on the ferry yesterday with our son and sweet grandchildren. They simply love it here. Dark clouds over Mull parted slightly to a golden sky and wispy grey clouds. It was soon clear and I have never seen such wonderful light and visual effects as we were driving back to the house. It was like a godly alien place that I only partly recognised, as clouds, mountains and sea peeped out of silver and gold sky.


Yesterday we had a steady stream of good sightings all day and it was one of my best days of the year I think. Today was tougher with challenging weather in the mountains but we got all the big ones in the end and as it cleared a good view of a young goldene eagle. It helps frankly if I have one or two people with a keen eye and good binoculars.


Getting my vehicle repaired on a beautiful warm day today and offshore from the garage at Killiechronan there were 3 of this years young sea eagles sitting out on the shingle spit there. A sign now that all young sea eagles are beginning to do their own thing and look for mates and territories of their own. I often find that young seas go around in a little gang in late autumn and winter feeling less pressure re territories but about finding mates !!


Full today but just 4 people yesterday! What a waste with terrific views of hunting female harriers, otters really good swimming and eating fish onshore. A sitting sea eagle, which by the way translated from Gaelic, is ‘the eagle with the sunlit eye’. Which we could see !


No trip today but worth recording the strange weather. In that it was very cold in the very strong northerly wind but a walk in the afternoon out of the wind and it must have been 70 degrees at least. It’s often like this in mid winter and the reason we get high temperatures at times is because the atmosphere here is incredibly clear and so find a white sandy beach and a bouder to sit against out of the wind and it can be pretty warm.


A good day with pretty close views of male and female sea eagle sitting. Good as it gets view of an otter offshore most of the time but then coming ashore and walking up a small stream and and then going under the road for us to see vegetation parting as it ambled up the tiny stream. Another otter well inland for a moment and good view of a male hen harrier. Golden eagles at last late on, in very strong winds.


By far the wettest day of the year yesterday but everyone was keen to get wet with three separate otters. One mum had two cubs in wild water, sea eagle,dunlin,godwits,golden plovers,redshanks. greenshank,curlews etc. But guests and I arrived here to a sea eagle landing off to our left with lots of ravens and then she was off and going high and right. Maybe same bird this morning going out to land on Inch Kenneth. From a terraced house amid steel works as young man to eagles over my home!