Two big days of trips and weather. Of course they are always revolving around white tailed sea eagle,otter and golden eagle because it’s what people want to see! But missed the waxwings reported from various places, saw porpoise, harriers and all 3 of the diver family but the big three really delivered both days with two golden eagles touching talons and gorgeous images of a familly of 3 otters walking around on the shore silhouetted black against a dark spangled sunny sea.


Its a lovely tranquil day here and looking at the scene from the house I feel sympathy for anyone who just has a view of their garden !!! Its the sheer scale of ocean, islands and mountain views. Ben More towering into clouds across the sea to the left.Ahead historic Inch Kenneth and Iona with its white sand beaches shining. Massive unspoilt Ulva to the right which once had 800 people living on it but now has about 10! I remember all this as a young man swearing to live here one day, and here I am.


Poor weather last few days with cold windy and wet conditions. Thankfully I have had no trips but do on Sunday and Monday when I hope it’s better. I have been trying to put my Sooty Albatross case but they would like a picture !! Seems it’s a major sighting with none in the north atlantic ever!! But I am convinced of it with its totally uniform chocolate coloration, gannet/albatross jizz and really unusual flexing of each wing at the elbow which really narrows it down.


My trips are abating now as Mull goes into its late season slumber but I have a couple of trips this weekend. We awoke to blue sky and a flat sea. A Red Deer stag had led his harem of girls to within 10ft of the decking and they were eating all my wild flora. He knows how to treat his women!! They all jumped the fence and he trotted off to pose on a lttle hill 25yds away, with a red sky and slight dusting of snow on top of Ben More. A classic Monarch of the Glen pose.


A good keen party out in very windy conditions at times but a good list today. Male and female hen harriers, golden and sea eagles, red deer stags, bar tailed godwits, greenshanks, redshanks, super otters, dipper, mergansers, mistle thrushes, stonechats, rock and meadow pipits, ravens and more.


This was a simply stunning October day as we took our two grandchildren Sonny and Charlie on the Oban Ferry to meet their mum after a week here. The ferry was busy and it was really warm and an absolutely flat sea all the way back to Mull. It felt almost tropical. There just isn’t anywhere more inspiring and beautiful than The Hebridean Islands on a sunny windless day, whether mid summer or mid winter.


Good weather and good trips are now rolling into each other, with a number of porpoise today, golden eagle sitting majestically and flying high to join his mate, sea eagle on a small islet, 2 separate otters, great northern and red throated divers, red deer stags roaring, goosanders , mergansers, slavonian grebes and lots more.


Fantastic calm weather and we had super views of sea eagles sitting, slavonian grebes, great northern and red throated divers, black guillemots, red breasted mergansers and goosanders, fallow deer and two red deer stags with antlers locked in battle again and others roaring, mum and three otter cubs and finally golden eagles overhead and of course seals and more predictable wildlie such as stonechats, rock pipits etc.


The most fabulous warm clear day with an absolutely flat sea. We had otters, golden eagle, porpoise and a school of about 10 bottle nosed dolphins off the isle of Inch Kenneth [which is surrounded by a totally golden sea this evening]. To cap it all, on the way back I had another Mull first for me and that was three Jays bounding to different trees. It appears that I am on a roll with big sightings after my Sooty Albatross.


Beautiful drive from Mull through Glencoe yesterday. For such a forbidding place it always seems to be sunny for me there. Trips all week and the terrific weather continues with a super sunrise this morning. So why were the BBC saying ‘misty on Tiree’ when it’s clear blue sky?? Where on earth do they get these ridiculous forecasts for the Hebridean Islands from. This has been the most wonderful year.