Well it was a beautiful clear sky and sunrise over Benmore this morning and not a cloud to be seen all day. Then an even better sunset out over Iona and a walk in the darkness under a star filled sky.


Another nice day today. Mull is underwatched in winter and so there is always expectation. Yesterday we saw golden eagle, sea eagle, an otter on a small islet and one of my favourite birds the crossbill. With a small group up above us chirruping away and looking like little parrots as always and just as animated. I feel in my bones that there is a white billed diver out here today but I have so many jobs to do around the place. Maybe tomorrow !


Here we go again with last years amazing weather because of the longest spell of easterly winds ever recorded in Britain. Here we go with biase from the BBC weather centre implying that we are ALL deep in snow. Well it’s sunny here and no snow to call. It will be sunny all week and cold except out of the wind here when it will be pretty pleasant. So watch for easterly winds and then move to The Hebrides !!


Where is this snow that they say we have? Mull does have its own micro climate and so maybe it’s feet deep somewhere here. But this morning it’s a beautiful sunny day, pretty cold but very warm in here with the sun bazing in. These winter scenes from the house are the best and as always it is the vast expanse of ocean, islands, mountains and emptiness that make the scene so magical. But less of the magic now because I need to go and polish my minibus and Joys Fiat.


A wonderful sunrise and so another super day and off to Oban. Yesterday I attended a meeting with all of the other wildlife operators (who are copying me !) and our community council and the police to try and find a solution to so many of our visitors parking in passing places, which we do occasionally also !! Problem really is a lack of parking areas generally around the Island.


A sunny day and calm sea with light snow flecks on Ben More and a run to the South of the Island to a Chamber of Commerce networking meeting, beckons. I hope to eventually find that elusive White Billed Diver on such a journey, so who knows? Easterly winds all week so sunny in the Hebrides all week!!


Just back from Glasgow seeing our daughter and Sonny on his 7th birthday but goodness me city life is desperate these days with traffic, litter and trillions of people seemingly trying to live there. It was another wonderful drive through The Highlands down through Glencoe and eventually to the sunny and serene west coast of Mull. The city is fine but not to live !!!


My trips are more or less at a standstill now yet winter is best !! Yesterday the weather was rubbish ! Today its better but still very windy and always dramatic with white caps over the sea and stunning lighting effects. Off to the pool in an hour where my breast stroke is improving and I am not embarassed to experiment because there is never anyone in the new pool!


I have found that there are so many hidden pluses to life on a Hebridean Island. As a child and young man in Sheffield I seemed to always have a bunged up nose and I accepted it but after only a few weeks of living here it completely cleared up. Here I am with it again though because I visited the city for a week !! I think many people have small health situations that they accept and yet amid pure fresh healthy air it can completely clear up.


Another sunny day here, just like yesterdays trip when we had a long list ! Great Northern and red throated divers, red necked and slavonian grebes, dipper, red and fallow deer, rock doves, peregrine falcon, porpoise, numerous otters, sea eagles flying and sitting, golden eagles, ravens. long tailed tits, goldcrests, hen harrier, seals and lots of more typical sightings.