Trips are none existant right now but it means I can focus on lots of other things. When I look to the sky I always see something interesting here. Four Sea Eagles were right over the house today locking talons and tumbling and 20 minutes earlier my favourite bird the Merlin flew from distance and above my wildlife vehicle. He should do that more often in summer !!


Why am I always saying its sunny here when down south they seem to think it rains here all the time ?? Maybe you have it so wrong !! It’s another flat calm and lovely day here on the West Coast and sunny soon ! But across the sea Ben more is still topped with snow. Anyone out there know abaout Resus Negative ? because I am one, though I didnt know its significance. Add that I am an Aquarian !!!!!! A friend has studied this and says I should go to Bilbao where I will be among friends ??


Its amazing to me how many times I can drive through rain and darkness on the East Coast of The Island and yet come home to the West Coast and see a golden sky out over Iona and home, with grey black islands against a golden sea and sky. The West of Mull is the place to be and here on the National Scenic Area Mother Nature is so often in all her glory and beauty to guide me home.


A shopping trip to Oban and again a super clear day and flat sea and ‘oh’ what a sail back on the ferry, with a mirror calm sea and black islands disappearing into the distance with pink and snow capped peaks further into the mainland and Ben Nevis rising like mount Fujiyama surrounded by a dozen other pink and mountainous peaks. A family of otters played off a darkening shoreline as we drove home.


A beautiful sunset after a very sunny day. I like the South of Mull, though it’s a 120 mile round trip. It’s so quintessentialy ‘HEBRIDEAN’ down there with hidden deserted white sandy beaches and pink granite boulders and grassy headlnds. Rather like the Seychells in fact !! Only they are far busier and in lots of travel brochures whereas ours are not. BUT their sea is warmer but ours is just as blue. Saw hen harriers and white fronted geese there also.


Reflecting while I can on 2010, I would say that my top two encounters with nature were the two bee eaters that stayed sometime at Calgary Bay in May where it felt like Corsica there and so they thought they were at home. And the sooty shearwater, the first ever sighting in the North Atlantic !!!! However it will never get recognised by the rarities committee because I am supposed to have a photograph of it !! They would trust Attenborough so why not me !!


I saw my very first sea eagle on Mull at Calliach Point in the far north west 30 years ago and we saw another three there today. It’s a wild rugged place with superb views out to Rhum, Skye and Coll etc. A hunderd yards offshore an otter swam along for about a quarter of a mile with a fish for seemingly no real reason, then swam way out to sea again with his fish!!


It’s one of those serene, mystical, magical days on Mull with a breathless ocean. You can see every single movement on the water for 10 miles out. Sea mist and then brilliant sun are taking it in turns to tease the onlooker with momentary glimpses of the smaller islands, the sea cliffs and Ben More as it pops its head up occasionally through low clouds swirling its summit.


If you feel destiny wants to take you by the hand, I would take it ! Because the alternative is probably ordinariness. Look at me, 7 months a year of the best job in Britain and 5 monthsholiday. A wonderful home and an amazing Island to live on, it’s also healthy, safe and an adventurous life. So take my advice if you are touched by the hand of fate and destiny, because there is only one chance I think..


The most beautiful calm and warm sunny day walking along the shore of Loch na Keal just down from the house. An Otter played offshore and a large gorup of great northern divers bobbed in the sea, the greylag geese were up and honking as a sea eagle glide over and up to its nest site. Across the loch light snow topped Ben More along with a puffy grey cloud. Just a lovely day.