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I think mull was as visually stunning and atmospheric as I have ever seen it today. With blazing sun on Islands backed by black skies. Sun shafting through misty peaks and the sea every shade of blue imaginable. To top the day I think we had a White Billed Diver on Loch na Keal which is a rarity and earlier in the day sea eagles putting up hundreds of calling birds from the shoreline.


Got a full load of people tomorrow but today I ate the oysters that I gathered yesterday. They were 50p each and much smaller in Tesco the other day and I reckon I could have easily collected a hundred in 30 minutes if I was earning a living from it. With increased interest in wild food I think The Hebrides is a good place to get harvesting all sorts of things. Note that most oysters are Pacific oysters grown in the Atlantic but these are Atlantic oysters in the Atlantic and much better.


Today dawns with a sunny golden red landscape and a very blue sea dappled with white horses. On Iona it’s dark and grey and across to our left the main mountains of Mull are looking black as soot. To the right The Island of Ulva is also bathed in sun with small waves splashing along its shoreline. The weather people are always saying that Mull has its own micro climate, and it does. Off to get wild Oysters now, I luv em !


Well I ordered my brand new vehicle today which is much the same as my existing one with the same livery but its a lot posher !! Good at the pool today, so if the ferry goes down I can swim to Oban no problem. Friend of mine just rang as he has seen and heard a cuckoo today !! Now that’s early so it could mean an early Spring.’OR’ he could just think he is in Malta.


The last couple of days have been white and arctic looking in the mountains but here at sea level pretty good but cold. However today is another beautiful sunny day and I wish you all had such a spectacular view of the sea and islands such as it is from here. I must say that I don’t understand all this moaning about employment when these spectacular places on the West Coast of Scotland are still the land of opportunity.


It began a bit grey this morning as our ‘Winter Wildlife Package’ guests reluctantly left for home, but as usual Mull has turned on its romantic charm at the end of the day. It’s a golden landscape, a much higher sun now and a flat calm sea. From here it’s been sunny most of the day on Iona but the top of Benmore had a bit of snow overnight. To be a winter tourist and have an empty West Coast of Mull to yourself this evening would be simply lovely.


”What a fabulous day” said the guests on my trip today. We had numerous eagle sightings of both species, slavonian grebes, black guillemot, divers, peregrine, female hen harrier, an otter asleep, another bringing prey ashore, a really super encounter with three otters on the southern shore of Loch Scridain and finally long term views of a male hen harrier. Some would say Britains most handsome bird pf prey !! AND sunny all day !


A grey day today and now drizzly but sunny tomorrow for the trip. So Joy and I were off to the pool. We saw an otter onshore and a sea eagle on a small islet in the Sound of Mull. On the way back there were big views of 6 sea eagles interracting together and doing their very visual thing of swirling around with talons outstretched.


Is the following too profound for my readership ? I think that we begin lives as happy open children, innocent and with high ideals. Seems to me that city/suburban life then drains most of this away and withers that outgoing happy nature that we once had. It turns the free spirited creatures that we were into clones. I think that true rural life such as we have here enables you to stay the same free spirited optimistic little thing that you were as a child. But why?