A challenging day for the trip today with misty drizzly weather but first off a really close encounter with a male otter swimming and climbing on a boulder to mark his territory. Then adult sea eagles and further youngster flying. A female otter with two very small young. So small they could not even dive yet and they were very very cute ! Laterly as the weather lifted big views of two golden eagles hanging in the air as they dried off.


The last few days with our son and his girlfriend have been pretty well windless. We had dramatic views of golden eagles and sea eagles scrapping in the air, otters have been tough to find but divers are everywhere. I love the big island opposite here which is Ulva. It once had 800 people living on it but now has about 10. Its empty and so huge and varied to explore which we did today when the boatman Donald gave us a special trip.


The most awesome run today to get our youngest son Sam and girlfriend Heather from Glasgow airport. The huge mountains in Glencoe and on Rannoch Moor were dappled with snow with sunny peaks and misty cloud wandering around the slopes. Lochs were mirror calm and the whole run there and back was visually stunning, particularly arriving back on Loch na Keal to blue sky and sun and home !


Been doing lots of work on the house today and I feel very tired but satisfied about that. The climate of strong sun and powering rain and of course salty air, takes its toll on the exterior of this wonderful house but to be on the roof with the best view in the world all around me is a bit of alright after my childhood of terraced houses amid the steelworks of industrial Sheffield.


Off to a tourism meeting and then back for lunch amid some awesome atmospheric effects and then off again to meet with people from Scottish Natural Heritage. I feel that I meet a lot of small minded people and having always been big minded I don’t understand them. I mean why isnt this stunning part of the world a Hebridean Islands National Park? Why fiddle around with small scale schemes when there is only really one plan A !! Most people are not heroic and not at all visionary.


Big views today of sea eagles flying to prey and feeding on it. Another sea eagle sitting on top of a hillside and then close views of two golden eagles. A female hen harrier, great northern divers and clearing weather. Which reminds me, the BBC weather forecasts yesterday were FOG, FOG, FOG, FOG and not MIST !!


For todays trip the forecast wasn’t good with the BBC saying MIST, MIST, MIST, MIST on their broadcasts but I emailed them and said it shouldbe SUN, SUN, SUN, SUN and in 5 minutes they had changed it to sunny all day and in 30 minutes it was sunny. You see we humans can make the world a better place! No otters though today but sea and golden eagles, porpoise, divers and a warm sunny day.


Its just been a greyish day today though calm and not cold. A sparrowhawk scatterd birds from the feeders and a sea eagle drifted past the house. Little is happening today but I have a trip on tuesday when I hope for bigger events. I remind myself every trip that people are really looking forward to the day and have probably never seen the creatures we are going to see. Its as I was hoping to see blue whales in the Pacific a few years ago, and saw them !


Had three dazzlingly days like today. The atmosphere is crystal clear on sunny days in winter and there’s less green in the landscape and instead pale grasses and golden dead bracken. Calgary was super with the sand sparkling white too and all of this lightness reflects the sunshine. Add the blue sea and it all creates this tropical look. Off to a Wild Scotland meeting in Tobermory now to see what they are up to this year. I am not a fan of them linking up with the less green adventure tourism sector.


I’ve learned that whatever your upbringing or class you can be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do in this life. From my experience though, most people I meet talk the talk and do not really want to walk the walk for a better life or a better career. They just aren’t driven enough.