I felt a little emotional handing my vehicle over to its new owner in Oban today. It was a great and dependable servant and will probably miss chasing eagles with me in the mountains of Mull. Still !! We are having amazing dry and sunny weather just like last year which will continue to the end of next week at least. Shouldn’t everyone be paddling in the blue blue sea of the Hebrides this week instead of visiting less spectacular parts of the world, maybe thousands of miles away ?


Well it was a sressful adventure going down to Sheffield by train to get my new vehicle. Whatever happened to first class? You now only get water, tea or coffee and a biscuit. The vehicle looks super and is a new version of what I had. I didnt want to change things too much as I felt my wild friends might not recognise me and could just think I am another wildlife operator copyimg Davids trips !! As they do !! Terrific day today for the wedding and my trip.


If you are going to be anywhere in the world in such exotic weather it has to be the Hebridean Islands, surely? Demand for my trips has been quiet amazing and I feel as popular as Kate Middleton !! Though I draw the line at wearing a ‘fascinator’ ! For the men out there this is a flowery girly thing that you wear on the side of your head. So stick to a baseball hat with me as its great for sheilding your eyes from the sun when you are looking for eagles..


Two great days out and yesterday everyone saying ‘That was fabulous’. Super crowd today too and over the two days, porpoise, great northern divers, golden eagles and sea eagles, hen harriers, grasshopper warbler, willow warbler, twite, otters and one 3 miles from the sea in a Glenmore freshwater loch with a sea eagle watching, peregrine, black guillemot, mergansers, goosanders, sandpiper etc


Nice crowd, super weather and a long list today. Both eagle species, all of the pipits, peregrine falcon, male and female hen harrier, grasshopper warbler, willow warblers, mergansers, great northern divers, seals, red deer, otter, sparrowhawk, wheatears, whimbrel, common sandpipers, Whooper swan and more !


Well super weather and lots of eagles ! No otters today but I have found a good site for nesting harriers as we watched the very handsome male soaring over his territory. Cuckoos, wheaters, stonechats, meadow pipits, seals and red deer, eiders, whooper swan, mergansers and goosanders etc.


Wonderful weather of course and good view of otter, lots of divers, sea eagles, golden eagles and a particular encounter with 3 sea eagles on our highest road. We saw 3 of them, maybe 2 miles away and dashed up to the high point following them at range. As we parked up two youngsters came 25m over our heads locking talons and yelping at each other. A really exciting sight for two really keen youngsters who were out with me years ago too.


Bright sunny days are always challenging because wildlife just sits around feeling no pressure to move, like tourists at the beach. But we still had sea eagles, porpoise, peregrine falcon, great northern divers in summer plumage, otter, seals and red deer, male amd female hen harrier and more. Watching the Man United match tonight I glanced through the window and saw a sea eagle chased by a buzzard gliding in front of a big red setting sun. Evocative !


Beautiful weather today and we saw two or three golden eagles early on and two adult and one immature sea eagle. Wheaters, great northern divers, twite and female otter with cub.Later sea eagle, two more golden eagles, further otter and more eagles in Glemore. So a very ‘eagly’ day today with probably more to see if we had the time.


Even after 32 years here I continue to be amazed at how visitors will come to what is to them a remote and wild part of the world and yet do no research on the destination at all. It’s like booking a cheap flight to Libya because it looks sandy !! My message ? Do thorough homework about this vast and sparsely populated area before coming.