I am on my historic May roll at the moment with very happy customers, good weather now and lots of big sightings. Short eared owls, harriers, golden eagles, sea eagles, colourful whinchats, stonechats, wheaters, otters. A long list in fact !!


Better weather today and still very blustery but a list of very good sightings. Short eared owls hunting and sitting, male hen harrier crossing the road, male and female golden eagles flying and sitting, another very good male hen harrier catching a vole, arctic skua, sea eagles flying and sitting and an otter for some time. Whinchat, wheatears, whitethroat, reed bunting etc etc.


More wild and wet weather yesterday but massive view of two sea eagles gliding over us and landing on a small headland, putting up lots of other birds as they flew over. Otters today, male and female hen harrier, short eared owl, seals, red deer mergansers, red and great northern divers and on the way home an otter grooming itself on a small islet.


We have had the most violent weather. 2010 was a windless year and 2011 was not bad in April, though still windy but May has been stormy. Thousands of trees all over the Island have blackened dead leaves because of the winds. Even the normally ruthless bracken is blackened on its tips.Not sure what happens to trees under these circumstances as the leaves give trees energy, which many will not now have. Until the winds swing back to the east I know the poor weather is going to continue.


A sunny but windy day but fortunately not so wild as the female I had in the front of the vehicle wjho had been out with me before !! Everyone else was pretty well behaved and we had good views of sea eagles, male and female hen harrier and a glimpse of an otter spooked into the rocks by more obsessive photographers !! But generally a pretty good day. Pity about not seeing golden eagles!


I had an excellent crowd today amid the most stormy day. Trees were down, fire engines scurried about, even in normally sheltered waters the sea was raging and everyone was awed by all our waterfalls, some of which were going backwards in the wind. We glimpsed a male hen harrier, saw sea eagle and an otter ploughing through the waves. All in all it was actually a fun and unusual wild wild day! Oh and sorry evryone but I saw my first ever Sabines Gull on Loch na Keal on the way home.


More diabolical weather here but we had really good views of an Otter, initially leaping through the water and clearly on a mission. I did my usual predictions of which seaweed covered large boulders he would go on and sure eneough I got it right 3 times and so it was exciting views of him tail in the air marking his territory. Whimbrels and breeding plumage Great Northern Divers are still here and dreaming of Iceland !


Worst May I can remember for weather here but WOW !!! it looks spectacular today from the house. Our last guest here said ”You must have one of the best views in the world”. True !! Yesterdays trip had top line views of Otter, Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles and my trips are full each day. Its been a terrific start to this years season despite the weather.


Challenging wild wild weather but top days out each day now with sea eagles, golden eagles, hen harriers, short eared owls, divers, colourful whinchats, lots of red deer and beautiful dramatic Hebridean scenery AND excited customers ! Every other car on the road seems to contain previous customers of mine and so I have to say hello !


Well it’s been the wettest May for as long as I can remember because of the wind direction and yesterdays forecast was not good !! However we got down a long list of otters, sea eagles, golden eagle, hen harrier, Short eared owl, great northern divers and more. Same weather again today I believe and I feel sorry for all our birds arriving from Africa knowing it’s usually dry and sunny here.