Darn it !! Missed the two killer whales off Glengorm yesterday but just read a good article in the Sunday Times about Britains top secret beaches. Where Calgary Bay got a plug north of here as did the recommended place to stay On Mull which is of course here at Torr Buan House ? But don’t rush to book because we only have one suite which is probably booked up, but I do have spaces on the wildlife trips !!


Lots of White Tailed Sea Eagle sightings today. From sitting , flying overhead, young in the nest, to one coming just above sea level and then behind us chased by a buzzard. Missed the otter which was alseep on a boulder until disturbed by tourists, some porpoise and good harrier views then distant golden eagle.


I think that you clear your head of the trivial things in life in such remote and ispiring places as here. I am utterly convinced that to achieve your dreams in life you have to have the utmost focus and devotion to whatever it is that you truly want, and it will all work out. The problem is in breaking free of the sheeplike state that most people get trapped in.


My 18th of July posting was wrong by the way ! I gave credit to ‘Wierd Fish’ clothing company for their philosophical and clever labelling. BUT I really meant ‘Fat Face’ clothing. So credit to them !! But Wierd Fish stuff is still ok !!


After a good start with porpoise and sea eagles it went pretty quiet because of the hot weather. But we were off again with sea eagle and young. Two distant golden eagles and another adult sea eagle flying above us. Then we saw the otter which was being disturbed by kayakers and a noisy boat. Off then to Glenmore following two golden eagles in a hurry for about 2 miles, when they suddenly launched into a young sea eagle on their territory.


More sparkling weather today for the trip. No otters today but did yesterday. However Sea eagle sitting on an islet, porpoise, red throated diver, black guillemots, manx shearwaters, gannets, whinchat, twites, stonechat, wheatear, two pairs of golden eagles overhead, sea eagles with young, mountain hare, short tailed vole and lizzard. Some things I don’t record because they are common.


Last Thursday the 21st, as usual I loaned out binoculars to people who did not have any, on trust of course, but someone on the trip walked away with my old pair of Zeiss binoculars. Could they please return them.


What is it about todays humans ? I use to get asked about what we might see on the trip. Now I get asked about the catering !! For heavens sake lunch and all of it is great but its not a gourmet day out. And do back away from the soup when we see an eagle. It’s only soup !! And why is everyone addicted to something or other ? Stop buying water just stick a cup under a waterfall !!


The most stunning day as our daughter and grandchildren arrived for a few days. Is the same for tomorrow and so its off to the beach and in the sea I feel ! Ok so it’s nice most places when the sun is shining. But here in the Hebridean Islands ?? Come on it’s heaven on earth !! Or maybe better !!


Another glorious sunny day with people from Spain, Holland and England. We saw adults and young sea eagles, porpoise, female hen harrier carrying prey past a short eared owl, golden eagles and sea eagles again, red deer, seals, another golden eagle landing with panache on top of a peak, more sea eagles with young and finally an otter fishing offshore and coming ashore to give tantalizing views.