Another good day with lots of porpoise, sea eagles flying and sitting, golden eagles, two seperate otters swimming close and one sleeping, red deer, seals and very little wind again today. Tough always of course to list everything including the girl with the best legs in Britain, the female goosander !


An exciting day for everyone I think. An adult osprey circling overhead and carrying a fish at Lochdon and then a young one hovering over a good fishing pool. Two sea eagles sitting across the water leaning into the wind. Male and female hen harriers sitting and flying. Big view of the young female golden eagle up with sea eagles in Glenmore and then tumbling from the sky with wings in and feet out to harry a sheep on the mountainside. Finally very close male otter coming under the road and feet away from us walking up a small stream.


Historically Spring and particularly May is the best time of year here but there is something unusual about the light in mid Summer. All of yesterday it had that certain ‘glisten’ that we don’t get at any other time of year. Oh what the heck, it’s just the romantic in me, because a sunny empty day in mid Winter with the mountains capped with snow, is best really !!


I have nver ‘got’ this business of people touring Sotland !! It’s just a stupid idea where people end up endlessly unpacking, packing, catching ferries and driving thousands of tiring miles. Dont do it ! Put down roots and soak up the atmosphere of a particular destination. How can anyone ‘DO’ somewhere like Mull which has 300miles of coastline alone and is the most varied landscape in Britain and then there’s Sky with 1,000 miles of coastline !!


An absolutely stunning morning again here and yesterday a good crowd and top views of hen harrier, adult and young sea eagle, porpoise, really close otter and golden eagle sitting on the skyline, plus more of course.


Well it starts the most idyllic day here with no wind, a totally flat very blue sea, light puffy clouds out over Iona and Benmore looking like a subsiding volcano bathed in sunshine at its base and a black peak seemingly belching out steam. I have been full on the trips all week and I hope for another exciting day.


Really good view of otters today as one ambled up the shoreline and crossed the road, looking big. As a couple of cars came blazing down he ran back to the sea just in front of one of them. Why do so many tourists blast around here when there is so much to see if they take their time? But what were the group of fins that I saw close in at Grasspoint today, because they simply disappeared ?


We have had two sultry and blissfully calm evenings here on the West Coast. The sea is like glass and walking out or cycling is just lovely. The vast emptiness and silence of the majestic West Coast of Mull is just magical to me. Being here makes it pretty difficult to imagine the noise and sprawl of city life on the mainland of Britain.


A really nice crowd on the trip today and one lady who had searched for years to see an otter. Well she got her wish and though distant we saw at least one bird from all 3 golden eagle territories in Glenmore. One of the young sea eagles at Grasspoint and an adult sitting in a tree on another territory. A few porpoise also today and red throated diver. Gorgeoeus calm sunny evening now.


Its another warm and sparkling day. So no trip and off to our most north westerly point at Callaich where there were lots of shearwaters, gannets, flocks of twite, the great skua that nests there, greenland wheatears and to be reminded in brilliant sunshine just how exotic a rock dove is when the sun catches its iridescent chest.