It’s been a beautiful day and I am glad I did not have a trip because I am wildlifed out! Joy is away and so it was tidying up, catching up on emails and online petitions to sign!! Once they know you are the caring green type they all want you !! I cycled down the coast to post a letter and innevitably stopped many times to take in our amazing but amazing views. I gravelled our track and cleaned the vehicle for a trip Saturday. Enough of this, because I am beginning to sound like a townie living in Watford. I feel more like an Eagle, living on the most beautiful and romantic Islands in the world. Look Watfords ok…. BUT !!!!


A super warm sunny day here and a most glorious sky this evening with flying saucer like clouds out over the sea and Iona. Well I had an elderly gentleman who was so desperate to fulfill a lifelong ambition of seeing a Golden Eagle that his daughter brought him up to Mull to go out with me. His wish came true as we were on the highest road on Mull and a Golden Eagle broke the skyline a mile away, straightened up and came right over us, as if to say, here I am then. The gentleman and his family were very emotional. We also saw hen harriers, sea eagles, otter and stags with their harems.


As all can see I usually concentrate on our ‘bigger’ species when I do my diary but thought a more typical list from a trip done by a youngster might be agood idea. Here goes.. Mistle thrush,red deer stag,little grebe,otter,male/female hen harriers, sea eagle,longtailed tits, twites,porpoise,yellowhammer,peregrine falcon,meadow pipits,hooded crows,goosander,buzzards,guillemots,sparrowhawk, golden eagle,seals,scotch argus butterfly,leaping sea trout,kestrel and still more !!


Well some had doubts about the wet and windy start today but I parted the clouds again and we had a great day with porpoise, sea eagles flying and sitting, golden eagles, bartailed godwit, kestrels, harrier, red deer stags, otter, breeding plumage great northern diver and I was chuffed to exclaim, Basking Shark !!!! when we saw one close and just below us at Gribbun Cliffs. So a very appreciative crowd who learned a lot. Sunny and warm tommorrow.


Well it was a sunny very windy day but there were birds of prey in the air all day today wherever we went. Harriers both male and female, ketrels, inevitable buzzards, sparrowhawk and lots of eagles of both species but particularly adult and young white tailed sea eagles and then two otters with one very close eating a fish on a small seaweedy rock. Good crowd today and all had binoculars !!!!


Joy and I have just returned from an overnight stay at a hotel and restaurant called Peir House at Port Appin, having had their seafood glorified by one of my punters. Well the situation is lovely looking out to the Isle of Easdale and the seafood was the best I have ever had and I love seafood ! We also visited a totally unknown garden which I can’t even remember the name of, owned by a lady who previously owned Pennyghael estate on Mull before selling to Phil Collins the pop singer. She is charming and her home beautiful. She also does B and B by the way.


Well it was a heavy rain start today with a few pessimists on board and a chap doing a radio 4 programme about great characters of the coast of Britain ! Seems that was me ! We saw hen harriers, otter and sea eagles. But the big view was on a very windy high point looking out over the Islands. It would have been easy to step off and fly there, like the two golden eagles did coming from afar and racing along the crags chased by ravens to glide over us and along big sea cliffs. A big big moment for us all with golden eagles truly in their element.


Only the most fleeting view of an otter today but male and female hen harrier, adder, golden eagles and adult sea eagles sitting and flying with youngster flying for a moment also. Best view today? That was the adult sea eagle across the loch at Pennyghael and which I thought was diving after an otter, but it was a duck which repeatedly dived to escape the hovering sea eagle. It did escape !!


Hen harriers today, dippers, goosanders and an otter after much searching but the highlight was definitely young sea eagles and adult golden eagles coming from distance along sea cliffs and soaring above us at Balmeanach which probably has the best elevated views on the Island. One of the golden eagles swept over us and landed on a tree on a sheer cliff face.


My webgirl has just put 5 new pics on my gallery so do have a look at the first five which are of temperate rainforest at Carsaig, a view out over the Islands in the Firth of lorne from Carsaig also. Waves crashing on a headland at Calgary Bay, Duart Castle and another hypnotic picture of Benmore across the sea on Loch na Keal. I hope it brings fond memories to some.