Forgot to mention that the two guests staying with us saw 5 or 6 Bottle – nosed dolphins in Tobermory Bay last Thursday and then I and they were in our night attire looking at around 5 or 7 Bottle – nosed dolphins from the house on Friday morning at 6pm !!


So when in the Hebridean Islands, if you want a thrill, keep your eyes open.





More tropical weather

This very dry and sunny weather keeps on going here and residents must be getting a  bit nervous about their water supply around the islands.

However good views as usual of golden eagles in Glenmore alongside various sea eagle sighting’s. Otters by Gribbun and another today on this side of Loch na Keal as we came back from  a visit to the South of Mull and trying to find Balfours Bay on Erraid again.

Dippers, wheatears, skylarks, great northern divers still around in full summer plumage, twite, peregrines calling etc. etc.


The South of Mull disserves better promotion and management than it gets and has the most beautiful, often hidden, white sandy beaches along its rugged pink granite coastline.

DO NOT TRY AND DO MULL IN A DAY, as some people do. It deserves far better attention and more enquiring visitors than those that just come here for a day or two, which the new ferry price’s have unfortunately encouraged.




Another Osprey !!

Today I had 8 Dutch people and 3 British and we had a challenging but exciting time in glorious weather again.

First off I couldn’t find the sea eagles that I know well, but I did find birds I know equally well on Loch na Keal,  sitting at their new base, then a female otter and cub near Gribbun cliffs.

Golden eagles soaring above the mountains in Glenmore and an osprey at Balmeanach on Loch na Keal which could have been the bird from the other side of the Island  at Lochdon. But not sure at all on this. Either way its another good sign that ospreys could be happy here if we get on with planning the osprey platform for 2017  !



great sightings

Super day today kicked off with white tailed se eagles , then a golden eagle repeatedly flying and sitting and showing its golden head. It eventually landed on the skyline, where we  had to leave it, as we found an otter  bringing fish ashore below us.

An hour later we had a sea eagle flying above us and eventually into the clouds. Then another golden eagle leaving its crag to fly across the glen and soar there above us before coming back across the glen and alighting on the skyline. Then hen harriers close and calling.

Also today male and female goosanders, seals, red deer, great northern divers, black guillemots, rock and meadow pipits, a pair of twite, wheatears, ravens and  a possible merlin racing along the hillside.


Also a message just now from guests of the other day, who saw pine martins in the evening here.


Warm, sunny and very calm seas here

Sunny is a great forecast for humans but wildlife tends to sit such times out I find.

However big views of white tailed sea eagles again, sitting and flying and at least 6 separate hen harriers scattered around east and central Mull yesterday, including  a pair doing their famous passing prey routine.

Stonechats, great northern divers, black guillemots, lots of red deer, cuckoos calling and perching and a vary happy bunch of visitors.


Good weather for humans again today it seems, with even less wind !!

Wild Wild day

Seems that on the eastern side of Mull and ferry crossings to Oban it was pretty calm but on the west coast and National Scenic Area of Mull it was as wild as I have ever seen it, with a million white horses on the sea and huge gusts of driving wind and rain.

So no eagles out in that, but we did see a female hen harrier, lots of great northern divers, seals, a big sleeping male otter on loch Beg, lots of skylarks and meadow pipits, stonechats, red deer etc.

By the way I forgot to note that the day before I had an Iceland Gull at Killiechronan on Loch n Keal, with lots of common gulls and where its long white wings give the Iceland Gull away.

Eagle Island

Today Mull was aptly named by many with ‘Eagle Island’ bang on.

We had sea eagles flying, sitting and landing on the nest to tend their young.

Not long after another adult sea eagle soaring very high, then pouring vertically out of the sky with talons outstretched, to land with its mate sitting on the shoreline below.

Another sea eagle by Ben Taladh and then super views of golden eagles sitting, feeding young and gliding around cliff face’s and peaks in Glenmore.

I also had a very focused and keen group for the trip today along with my very good novelist friend Gerald Seymour, who is always focused !.

Too Busy

I am so busy now that each wildlife trip is now rolling into the next and the next etc.

We also had our first rain for a long time yesterday but today is a clearing day and should be very good, as wildlife wants to get out there and dry off and feed their young.

I have been continuing with excellent sightings of white tailed sea eagles and we had 5 youngsters together sitting on Scarisdale Rocks yesterday morning. Along with golden eagles and hen harriers these are  the main species that people want to see. Harriers have been less reliable to see, as have otters but I have been getting down the list in the end.

Today does look good and I am looking forward to getting back up to speed regarding my postings.

What is happening quickly now is that adult birds are becoming more confident in leaving their young at the nests and the excellent weather we have had has advanced this rearing process with food now easy to get.

We are also shaping up to get more southerly winds but the negative is that creatures like our great northern divers, which winter here, are now in full summer plumage and will be off to Iceland with that wind behind them and so spot them while you can !


We have been away for a couple of days visiting grandchildren in Glasgow and so do forgive my lack of diary postings.

Before the trip we had our usual top drawer sightings of White Tailed Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles and a guest staying with us also has a good photograph of another Osprey. This time on Loch na Keal and which eventually headed off across the loch and is probably the bird seen at Lochdon this year.

Back to normal then tomorrow with a wildlife trip and hopefully equally big sightings of the eagles and an otter I hope, as they have been quiet on the last couple of trips. The problem though is, that I can’t be everywhere on this massive island and with such interest in eagles and harriers I can be a long way from the sea or have the tides wrong when I get to an otter territory.


By the way a wonderful set of pics of otters from a regular to The  Island today.





Another big sightings day

Warm to very warm day today with occasional gusts of wind and a very clear blue sky.


Big sighting early on as others looking for sea eagles drove away and minutes later we had two white tailed sea eagles a mile out and heading our way. Both seemed to have been feeding on carrion on a hillside, as one carried some of the prey along the trees and onto the nest to feed their young. The other bird did the same and then flew up to sit on top of trees before they both flew away to get more food.

Hen harriers were initially hard to spot and then we had two females and a male interacting together with perhaps one female ben passed prey, to the irritation of the other female.

Golden eagles yet again gave spectacular views both sitting and flying.

We had the much ‘asked for’ otter on Loch Beg as I spotted one coasting along just offshore and occasionally feeding, which arrived on the shoreline 800m away where we lost it unfortunately.