Woodhouse Clan dispersing

It is Monday morning and a very calm and inviting day out there. If I can see Iona from my office it is going to be pretty good, for a while at least. We have had some strange misty mornings in the last few days, which have by lunchtime, turned into lovely sunny afternoons.


Yesterday we said goodbye to Sam, Tim and David who had to head back south to earn a living again. Myself Joy and the children had shopping to do and stuff to get from Home Base to do some minor jobs.

Today we have guest’s coming to stay and so the usual preparations have to be made, with food to be prepared etc.

Tomorrow I have a Wildlife Tour and the same on Thursday. I look forward to being out in the wilds of Mull again and checking what has been happening and what my wild friends might be up to !!

Fullsome day

The plan for today was for Sam to come clean with Sonny and Charlie after breakfast and let them see the two electric powerboats that he has brought up for them and all of us then going down to Loch Ba to race them.


Well a great idea but an iffy weather forecast and so it was all very exciting particularly for the boys, but we got absolutely soaking wet.

Apart from changing all our clothes at the house which is always warm, we again fed on Joys delicious food and lots to drink.

Timmy, David and Sam are off home tomorrow and heading south again. Sonny and Charlie will miss them but are with us for a few days more.


Please note the two new pics of the children on my gallery page which some of my customers have requested


An appeal please

I have a Wildlife Tour booking for 3 persons on Monday October the 16th and I am trying to trace the people concerned. The booking is in the name of a Debbie Ireland.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated please.


Joys birthday

Well it was  a lovely few days  on Iona for the family yesterday celebrating  Joy’s birthday.

The first day was beautiful on the northern tip of the island with white sand everywhere and jet black rocks poking through it all. The  sea was the same as it is in winter, being very blue and clear.

We travelled back yesterday after breakfast at the Saint Columba Hotel and a brisk morning walk across the Island.

The sea was a bit rough for the sail back, but it created a few laughs among the visitors on board.

Today we had decided to go to The Ardnamurchan Peninsular  and visit the Stevenson Lighthouse and the amazing ocean views from there.

The morning had been a bit grey but the afternoon was very sunny and the sail back to Mull and home brought dozens of Manx Shearwaters to race around us.

This evening I felt I should do this posting to try and get up to date, so forgive me if it seems a bit hurried.


Tomorrow’s another day as Scarlet said.


MY next wildlife tours are on 1st of August and the 3rd, when I have spaces by the way.




Very sunny yesterday but rain this morning

I was out with the Majestic Line customers yesterday, picking them up at Ulva Ferry around 9.15 and dropping them back for 4.30 at Tobermory.

I have sympathy with the captains of the vessels because they are entirely at the mercy of the wind, the tides, anchorages and the elements generally. Mine being land based tours means we are under no pressure in that regard of course.

All in all I think everyone learned a lot and had a pretty good day, with an adult White Tailed Sea Eagle as soon as we left Ulva which was circling high above the house.

We had  more sea eagles during the day but golden eagles never quite delivered for us. Lots of seals in various places and an otter and cub on Loch Scridain and in the end a number of red deer, looking very red by the way !!

Rock and meadow pipits, wheatears, oystercatchers of course and lots of common sandpiper’s. Also lots of smaller birds passing us by.


We had very good weather yesterday and plenty to eat and drink, I hope !!

Today Wednesday at 8.30 it is very wet and windy but predicted to pass in early afternoon.

We are all off soon to stay the night and have dinner at the St Columba Hotel on Iona and hope we get across to enjoy it !!




It has always been a funny time of year here with visitors in July and August.

Our visitors interested in nature are no longer around and the island is taken over by campervans, touring motorcyclists and because of the very low ferry prices we have hundreds of motorists just doing Mull in a day and then moving on to Skye and elsewhere etc. etc. etc.

However I do have a Wildlife trip booked for the Majestic Line cruise company on Tuesday and it looks like a good day for them.  As it is now from the house, at 8.30 this Monday morning.

David and Tim are taking Sonny and Charlie to the Island  of Ulva today and I am taking Joy to Tobermory to shop AGAIN !!

There was much excitement in Oban yesterday as it was a  balancing act as to whether David, Tim and Sam would get from Cambridge to Oban, for the ferry crossing. While Joy and I with the children could shop, meet them and get on the ferry back to Mull together. Well we timed it ok along with a lot of of American’s also going to Mull and Iona.

So here we all are now, on this stupendous morning of majestic sea views and colours with the white sands of Iona shining at us from across the sea.

Last one in is a sissy I say !!






Yet another wonderful sunny day here

It is Joys birthday this Tuesday and the Clan is gathering here to celebrate this.

The Grandchildren Sonny and Charlie are here already and Sam, Tim and David are on their way from the south of England and arrive tomorrow.

They all love it here and on Wednesday we are all staying on Iona at the St Columba Hotel for the night as a treat.

Well it’s another gorgeous sultry evening looking toward Iona from here and Charlie and Sonny had a super day at Calgary beach in the North of Mull.

I have travelled a fair bit in tropical places and the scene at Calgary was as tropical as it can look I think. The sea wasn’t so tropical to be in, but it was still pretty pleasant to be in !!

Visually and emotionally Mull is quite magical and it can change its look whenever it pleases, seemingly.

It was wonderful to see so many little ones having such a fun time today. Don’t we all remember that emotion when we were little and on holiday at some beautiful beach with such a blue and inviting sea?


Another super day.

Very tropical here this evening with the sea like glass again and me needing a shower to cool down.

I had a lovely group of people today including two from New Zealand.

So, White Tailed Sea Eagle on Loch na Keal sitting well on the top of a tree.

Another one coming off the sea at Gribbun and joining two more around Ben More.

Otter on Scarisdale rocks with seals and Goosanders.

Female hen harrier on Loch Beg, red deer in the mountains and lots of orchids.


Capturing the eye this evening is definitely our golden landscape, the flat flat sea and all of it totally windless and very sunny.



It has been another super day here but drizzly now at 9.50 pm.

Recycling was a priority today, as was asking our local gardening expert Ann, down to see my fruit trees and give advice on how we should now handle them.

It seems rhubarb pie and custard might be on the menu but don’t take too much of it  yet!

It’s joys birthday on the 25th, so today I am dropping here off for the 8.40 ferry to Oban and then she is on the train to Glasgow to stay a night at Lucy’s and then  bring Sonny and Charlie back for the party. David, Tim and Sam are coming up from the south of England to be here on Sunday.

As you see Island life can be challenging, but otherwise it is close to heaven here.




Another awesome day here

A n awesome day indeed today with the island looking as good as it can get.


AS the song goes though, ‘How long will it last, can it be measured by the hours in a day’ ?

So far so good for now then and top views of two white tailed sea eagles circling and occasionally heading our way on the southern side of Loch na keal.


Lots of seals basking there also.

It didn’t last long though, as I had to get back to paint our garden shed !!

I have a trip on Thursday and I hope for another good day out and plenty of sightings for everyone.

I think we are in for a big sunset tonight but I really hope it will be cooler, as it has been  feeling like the tropics again.