Terrific Day

Popping into the Spa shop at Salen there seemed to be some pessimism as the day had started pretty poorly this morning. But my weather forecasting skills came into play and I said it was already looking better in the West . Sure enough it cleared to be the most colourful and sunny day.


This evening is still hauntingly beautiful with an orange sky and sunset on the way. The sky from the house is a soft yellow and unusual green and powder blue as the headlands of the Island of Ulva reach out into the sea. Around it all is a golden sea and changing  right now to be soft green colours over the actual island .

I am looking forward to getting out on a Wildlife Tour on Monday and if the sunsets and evening sky, with its millions of stars was more reliable to forecast, I would probably enjoy taking people to to see the sunsets.


However like Sheffield United, it can go wrong, but only occasionally these days. We will win next week, but they can’t win them all !!!



Who knows ?

For the novice weather predictor and the optimists, things didn’t look good early morning !

However for we optimists, more familiar with weather watching, it was easy to see the sunshine on the horizon sliding over the south and Iona and heading our way.Sure enough by the time I got to the ferry to Oban to get my hair cut , purchase bird food and general provisions, it had turned into a lovely sunny day with all the yacht’s at anchor off Oban bringing colour and animation to the scene. In short it looked like the South of France.

It was then a lovely return journey all the way back to the house. But now this evening the mist may turn to proper rain and it may get windy, but tomorrow is ok I think, when I have one of my regular P.S.V. i.e. Public Service Vehicle checks, in Tobermory.


My next Wildlife Tour is Monday the 2nd of October when I look forward to getting my eye in again, as they say.

Good news of course yesterday as Sheffield United go second in the Cthampionship table after beating Wolverhampton Wanderers. Come on You Blades I say and lets do the same on Saturday against Nottingham Forest….. I think ?


Odd day

Its been a bit strange today I think.

Misty early on and the weather lurking in the west as if ready to pounce with serious rain


However it never came but is now trying harder, but there is still this strange golden glow over the whole sea.

I have a PSV  i.e. Public Service Vehicle check on Friday  and a trip on Monday the 2nd with 4 people at the moment.


Personally I think that all  carriers of paying customers should be PSV rated.

I would this evening  like  Sheffield United to win and I can be happy !!!


Or maybe as second best have another star filled sky

It is a big bonus living on this side of Loch na Keal because what happens is that any rain is drawn toward the mountains across the sea and often leaves us with sunshine.




Starry Starry Night

Yesterday began, as I drove to Salen to collect provisions, with low mist over the forests and a sprinkling of frost on some of the more leafy trees. But it turned into the most beautiful day possible, with not a cloud in the sky and very warm and even hot on the decking in front of the house.

The sun is jut rising now in the east and we had an amazing star filled sky overnight with seemingly millions of them and looking pretty close.

However as many know of the Hebrides we have a fantastically clean atmosphere and so everything can look brighter than it does on mainland Britain.

Today I am collecting  the Majestic line people from Ulva Ferry where they are anchored and taking them on a land based wildlife tour and of course from their very nice vessel  they also see Mull and its satellite Islands  from the sea too.


I look forward to it and another lovely day.


A thing of beauty

Mull has been truly WILD today with a wild big ocean topped with a million white horses and trees and grasses bending against the wind along with the trees.

But how stunningly beautiful and magical it is right now with a carpet of gold rolling out over Iona and coming this way.


I have often said that each day on Mull is like another Turner painting and it looks exactly like that right now over Ulva with its black and gold headlands stretching out into the sea, as if it is stretching itself after a tough day on show.

Right now the whole scene and the ocean is getting even more wild and dramatic but the sun is blazing into our sunroom and is maybe too bright.


Better go and check things outside !!









A pretty poor weather day today, until  late afternoon when it turned pretty good.

First off  with my group was an adult sea eagle sitting out on the shingle at Killechronan.

Across the loch we just missed  a female otter with a cub, but got a female with a youngster just before the Benmore parking area. Nice views of them romping about on a big seaweed covered rock.

Lots and lots of smaller birds today but always difficult to pin down in a moving vehicle with misty windows.

Seals on Scarisdale Rocks and more on Loch Spelve.. Gannets are still around and diving and we had maybe two whimbrel and a few Goosanders,


So  a pretty  good day where my people learned plenty but it would have been so much better without the mist !!


Excellent Tour

No otters again today but it is beginning to not feel so important, and they will show sometime soon.

Its a wonderful evening here with great streaks of gold, white, blue, green yellow and puffy grey golden topped clouds above Iona and the south.

These amazing visual effects mull delivers are magical and  immensely colourful.

On todays trip then, we had a number of eagles both  white tailed and golden.

Some of the sightings were  in what I would call sensitive areas and so I may refrain from naming them

However a female adult and male  sea eagle were above us just over the bridge to Grasspoint and shortly after we had a female hen harrier, lots of red deer and a big mature stag gave all of us super side on views and  pictures.

Onward then and patience brought us  a big female golden eagle and more white Tailed sea eagles, as well as lunch !!

Common seals were on their usual sites as were lots blackberries, that Ididnt have time to pick.

Missing lots of smaller birds above but all felt it had been a really good learning day too.

Weather forecast

Well I got the weather forecast a bit wrong yesterday. In that there was no rain in the afternoon as I thought there would be.


As it tuned out the entire day was glorious. So I enjoyed a trip on the ferry to Oban, had some fish and did some chores, including stocking up the freezer and fridge a little and to be fair to my feathered friends I got some bird food for the feeders. On the way back I met a really interesting elderly chap who filled me in on a few hundred years of Mull life.

Right now on Wednesday morning  at 8.12 it is very misty and I’m not going to try and predict today what the weather is going to do!!


How long can it last

Its 8am and another wonderful day of colour and serenity.

The sea and and sky are merging into this very pale blue chalk like colour, with streaks of white and a thousand  tuffs of  small pale grey clouds above that.

Our highest mountain Ben More looks like a volcano, as it oozes huge grey and white clouds from its peak. Anywhere else in the world everyone would think it was a  volcano erupting.

The whole landscape seen from the house is this rusty gold colour again.

I think by lunchtime it may all change today, with possible rain in the afternoon , evening and overnight.


My big tip then is get out and enjoy Mulls wonders now, but take a waterproof for later !!


Here we go !!

Yes here we go again, with another monumental evening, and a huge empty sea with no one on it,  a beautiful grey, black an blue landscape, over the south and Iona and a sky that looks on fire, rolling along a dark green sky above.

There is a further lemon sky over the Isle of Ulva and more small red clouds in among it.  All of this is now wandering north and it is for certain that another awesome sunset is on its way.


It was another pretty successful Wildlife Expedition today when on the way out from here we had two adult sea eagles  coming  off the sea and flying low over our heads.

After collecting people from my meeting point at Craignure we came back up to the National Scenic Area and as if a best friend had arrived, another big female sea eagle came from up the coast to glide wonderfully over us giving great photos for my group.

On the other side of the loch it wasn’t difficult to spot the silhouette of another sea eagle on Scarisdale rocks which turned into two eagles, waiting for an otter to get something bigger than a butter fish, and then steal it.