Good sightings, Super weather

Today eagles were at the fore with sea eagles tangling with golden eagles and then single birds of both species elsewhere.

Otters are never easy but the big male on the Croggan road gave super long term views.

Maybe three or even four hen harriers today.

But the eagles scrapping with each other and locking talons is always a thrill, as they tumble together in the sky.

Red deer stags, females and young were scattered around and everyone seemed to be enjoying the really nice, calm and sunny day.


More of the same please Mother Nature




Moody Mull

From sunrise to what will soon be almost sunset, it has been the most glorious still and colourful day and I have spent the day pottering in everything !!

Yesterday was the absolute opposite being misty and drizzly most of the day. However my guests were very nice and keen and we had an adult female WhiteTailed Sea Eagle on an islet just offshore. She looked very bulky indeed with a very big white tail. Then she launched off the islet and flew low toward Killiechron area.

We had a female hen harrier heading for Craignure after going through Glenmore and on the coast great northern divers aplenty in full summer plumage. Which means they have left their arctic summering grounds in the very far north, to now winter here, until maybe May .

After dropping my people off I had another female harrier 25m on my left and this morning another in Loch Ba.

Generally speaking if they are are still around and Great  Northern Divers are happy here right now, it probably means the weather is not going to be too bad and maybe even pleasant  !!

Another vissualy stunning day

What a scene it is right now with a very dazzling yellow sea out in front of Inch Kenneth, and beyond that the very long silhouette of Southern Mull and Iona looking rugged and black with a dappled grey sea in front of it.

Above there now it is changing by the minute and a golden horizon with layers of grey and white clouds is rising above it all.

It all looks simply wonderful. What a pity it is that most of our visitors these days are just racing around the Island to do it as quickly as possible, before racing off to do Skye to do that and goodness knows where else.

Where are the more ‘thinking visitors’ we used to attract, who always made time to stand and stare and feel the essence of these truly magical Islands?

Humans have become herd animals of course when they were once all individuals and proud to be so?



What a sky

Well its 6.45 pm and we have another beautiful golden sunset out to sea and just above the horizon all the way from the South of Mull to the northern tip of Mull and beyond.

Over The Island of Ulva the sky and all of the above seem to be resting on an orange  horizon, which is bubbling up in green, gold, silver,blue and grey.

As I have said many times, every single day here is like yet another Turner painting.

Really good group

Well  yesterdays trip with a full minibus  started a bit iffy and turned into a really nice and successful day.

We had White Tailed Sea Eagles overhead at at Killiechronan, lots of waders, goosanders and across the loch a beautifully coloured male Goosander and an otter trying to get some sleep on a seaweed point.

Along toward Gribbun Cliffs we had a Golden Eagle dramatically chasing ravens and another later. Frankly it was very good for me to see as Golden Eagles have had their heads down in the last month but they are  on the move again defending their territories and chasing partners. Today was another visually stunning day again being quite windy over here on the West Coast while in Tobermory it was a bit like Spain, being very sunny calm and warm at times.

So here I am now at 6.15 with a wild  sea ans sky in different shades of green, white,grey and black as the clouds battle with each other for their spaces in the heavens.

coming up Loch na keal there were a million waves with white crests riding on top of them and other frothing waves diving onshore as if in a major race for recognition.


It looked fun in fact .If you are a wave of course !!  and living wild on Mull !


Public Service Vehicle MOT test today

Well I was  down at Craignure today for my annual MOT test at 9.30am , but as it turned out the inspector arrived  late on the 11am ferry !

However he was good to me in passing everything connected with my vehicle, so better not complain.


On the way back there was plenty of Eagle activity on Loch na keal  and Killiechronan area, but the weather was still pretty poor.


However here I am now with a yellow and silver sea and sky melting together to entirely fill the scene from my office. This is Mull for you with all its tricks and teasing.


I have a full trip for tomorrow so I rather hope for sunshine and showers as Being ideal for me..



I have travelled all over the world but know there is nothing quite like these magical Hebridean Islands.

How can anywhere beat the drive down the National Scenic Area of Mull from Ulva Ferry, with every colour all around you, the sea in between  and then huge Benmore and its clustering mountains around it like the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Day or night it is a wondrous scene.

An hour ago a cream coloured sky was advancing from the south of Mull and peeling over their whole coastline and now going right behind The Island of Ulva, to set itself up for another super sunset over the distant islands of Coll and Tiree.

Down on Loch na Keal earlier I duly impressed two visitors by showing them two White Tailed Sea eagles sitting on Scarisdale Rocks offshore, when one of them was suddenly up and chasing a gull around with its big white tail flashing like a torch.

Not dissimilar is a squashed sun over Ulva, looking like a flying saucer with its lights shining this way  !!

Exotic Scene

Its 11am with another of the islands exotic scenes from my office.

Its truly fascinating how the weather can look a little dark out toward Iona and beyond yet by the time it gets here on the northern coast of the National Scenic Area it will run into intense sunshine with every blade of grass having a silver splash on top of it in the form of rain.

The island has always had its own micro climate which makes for the most interesting days.

I forgot a diary posting the other day where 10 minutes from the house and heading to pick people up I had 3 young White Tailed Sea Eagles interacting about 25m to my right with the black looking cliffs of Gribbun providing the perfect picture frame. The youngsters look so untidy compared with their Mum and Dad.

Back to earth and this side of Loch na Keal  which over here can be very sunny and dry yet across the sea on Loch na Keal’s opposite coastline the mountains can draw an endless stream of clouds, which often  deposit themselves as heavy rain all the way along the mountain range to arrive then in Craignure.


Strangers soon start to understand where the sun or rain might be each day but then many don’t, because of course we have lost that  magical ‘ instinct’  that we once had and wild creatures still have. In fact generally humans have lost touch completely with what was once their natural habitat. Such a pity as they miss so much.


Way over the top beautiful scene

A busy day yesterday with paperwork and Driver CPC training in Oban to complete, to maintain my Public Service Vehicle License etc.

Today though, in very bright sunshine, we have one of our vast and intense golden landscapes and seemingly a whole Hebridean Sea in different shades of blue, seen from my office at 9am.

There is a solitary little boat ploughing through the light waves, leaving a white trail of foam in the middle of Loch na Keal and with Iona in the background looking as mysterious as ever off season like this, which is a must do destination for visitors  today I think !!