Lemon Sky

Here we go then at 4.30 in the afternoon and a most wonderful lemon sky filling the distant horizon from my office.

There are a few twigs and winter plants in front of the scene which makes it all look very tropical.

There are the now inevitable charcoal clouds below the yellow and my guess is that this scene goes all the way beyond Ulva , Tiree and the Island of Coll, where the sun will be setting soon in a ball of gold.

It has stayed calm and not really cold at all today and on my way down Loch Na Keal there was one of the Sea Eagles sitting with the shags and seals  waiting again for an otter to catch something big and worth fighting over as usual.

The wild holiday experience is very underrated here in these magical Islands but the French are coming north it seems and clearly rate it, as my own wildlife trips have shown.

The Europeans are a delight to take out and are always very praising of their experiences here.

Vive la France I say then.

Hebridean wonders

It is 10.52 and another brilliant day and very calm sea again.

I must get out and have a look for the elusive crossbills today.

Inevitably I will look for other things of course including Otter and Eagles !!

It looks so inviting out from my office right now and so I must go and have a look before we get a shower or something worse !!

However it looks like it will be sunny all day and not so cold.

For a change it seems the poor weather is on the east coast of Scotland and England today and with a bit of luck will stay the same.


Wonderful Things

So said Howard Carter on making a hole in the wall which he and Lord Caernarvon hoped would lead them to Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus. ”Wonderful things” I say too, after this wonderful day in the Hebridean Islands.


It is now a wonderful evening with a yellow sky over the house interspersed  with Smokey grey clouds which seem to go well with the yellow, if any I  interior designers are wanting tips  !!!

I think Howard Carter would be equally impressed too.


More super colourful days

Right now it is 4.15 and with more colours than you can think of out over the se and Iona again. Lemon yellow with thick grey clouds and brilliant red and orange streaks of colour above. Loch na Keal is flat calm again with golden streaks of sea sweeping off the end of the Island of Ulva just offshore from here.

Maybe I will one day get back to being the illustrator and graphic designer that I was in my other life because it seems to be wasting such beauty if I am not capturing these exotic times here.

Yesterdays trip was another very satisfying day for me and my customers, who usually have something specific that they want me to find. So there we were looking up at the treetops when the male White Tailed Sea Eagle swept in and balanced on a branch. Within 20 minutes his mate was on her way and landed at his feet with a lot of yelping from them both. Probably happiness at seeing each other again I guess. Through the day we had more sea eagles, lots of Slavonian Grebes, golden plovers, red deer and fallow deer  and top but top views of the golden eagles from Glenmore as two flew over our heads and high. Then  a big female came from behind us pretty low, she turned around above the cliff top dropped her talons and glided down the face of the cliff to land on a ledge and as it was getting darker now it was getting  difficult to pick her up against the bckdrop of darkish cliffs but only about 50m away. The otter was also in demand on yesterdays tour but again we had one just before Gribbun Cliffs with good views and another on Loch Scridain doing their impersonation of being a wavelet which is pretty convincing if you don’t know the otter very well.

One of those days

Well this morning the whole of the National Scenic Area was white over, not with snow but hailstones. However it also looked fabulous in every shade of green and gold, before it started to melt a little.

I have cleared all of the decked areas of hailstones but we now have hhailstones and rain !!

The decking is now completely clear of hailstones and  I can see Iona and sunshine in the distance and I think we will get sun here in about 20 minutes.


You see how varied these Islands that bob in the Atlantic can be, in landscape and climate, but it does make life very interesting, like its another world here.


Yes here it is now, blazing sun everywhere I look now and Benmore entirely white because it will retain the hailstones for longer because it reaches into the sky and colder air.


Shorter days and starry nights

Yes the days are shorter now but WOW !! it looks terrific from here at 9.15 in the morning, with various layers of different shades of blue in the sea and no wind again.

Over on the Wilderness i.e. the Ardmeanach Peninsular and Gribbun Cliffs the landscape is golden and showing every minute contour as the sun climbs up the sides of each sea cliff.

The sky is again in this pale blue and grey with white clouds below.

The sun is also showing the white sands of Iona and the South.

It’s a pity that most visitors heading toward Iona, miss most of that area, which in parts is like untouched Northwest Spain.

Last night the sky was full of stars in our very clear and clean atmosphere.

Well I keep standing up to head out of my office but keep turning back as what is before me gets better and better.

I remember the words of Howard Carter as Lord Caernarvon asked ”what do you see Carter” as they broke through the wall of the Faeroes Tomb. ”Wondrous  things” said Carter as he shone a candle into the tomb.

Wondrous things to behold and exp[ore here on Mull too but you need some time and not just a day, like so many, who have a less enquiring mind than Carter or myself  !!!







lore here too.



expland  even better here now but must give it up or I willned up like Hoaerd carter.



Well today has been windless, unusually mild, but very misty and a day for staying in doors

I do forget to post sightings some days, so don’t think nothing is happening here, because I just put up a snipe by our water storage tank and yesterday afternoon I did the same with a woodcock, which went clattering  off to another small wooded piece of land.

Great Northern Divers are now very easily seen around the Island and yesterday I had a big view of two adult Sea Eagles across Loch na keal  sitting on a rocky outcrop with big yellow talons and their bills pretty striking, just 50m away.

In this murky weather they are grounded for now and lucky it isn’t spring when they are trying to rear young. Anyway, as Scarlet has always said, Tomorrow is another day and Ret exclaiming ”frankly my dear I don’t  give a dam”  !!

It must be terrible being a pessimist because optimists seem to create their own luck while pessimists just look on..








Wonderful things

It’s early Sunday morning here on The Island and we have had one of those brilliant red sky’s rising above Benmore and above the house  which is now turning into golden  yellow above all the mountains across Loch na Keal.


Distant Iona has white and grey puffy clouds hovering over it with a band of pale blue sky, behind the cliffs of The Ardmeanach Peninsula and stretches the length of southern Mull and I can see the white sand beaches on Iona are going to b shining white pretty soon.

The landscape outside is in numerous shades of gold, red and green, with the sea, blue as ever and flat calm. In fact there is no wind at all so far today.

Great Northern Divers are here from the Arctic and I am going to have a look for the rare White Billed Diver which I have only seen once here.

Check it in your bird books !!





It has been another vivid and clear day on Mull with little wind and sensational colours, with the entire South of Mull now showing bright orange the whole of its length.


Benmore is equally stunning with a grey blue and orange cloud wandering around its peak. Early morning the sea of Loch na keal was yellow and my two white Tailed  Sea Eagles of yesterday  were still occupying the same small islets. I am sure like a lot of photographers, still looking for the otters.

Anyway it is now 3.30 Sheffield United won and went to the top of the Championship league yesterday so the terrific scene from here is now the icing on a very colourful and huge cake !!

In the last 15 minutes the orange sky over Iona has got even brighter !!


It is now 4pm here on Mull and heading for another over the top sunset.

It looks like an alien spacecraft sitting above Iona, with shafts of red and gold splaying from its undercarriage and covering The Island’ The colour is sensational being like a fluorescent orange with just a single small boat in the middle of a pale

blue to dark sea.


The sun has moved right now and behind Ulva with dark grey clouds and above that a golden edge along the entire top of the clouds. Above this is a beautiful pale blue sky and above that more orange clouds, which seem to be rising into the heavens.

The serenity and colours are to die for again here on Mull. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course and having an artistic background and temperament I always seem to be saying to my customers, isn’t that beautiful !!!