It was another really good day in every sense, with enthusiastic people again, a number of White Tailed Sea Eagles, Golden Eagles, Hen Harriers passing prey, lot of red deer, female otter with two young,great northern divers, slavonian grebes yesterday, wonderful weather and it is too good to describe the scene this evening.

The big sighting today was of a group of about 10 Bottle Nosed Dolphins between Inch Kenneth and Gribbun Cliffs which were difficult to leave.

It is a poetic scene from here with a brilliant golden sunset over the south of Mull and every shade of blue. But the sunset is shifting now to set up camp behind Ulva and out over Tiree and Coll.


Heaven has to be no better than this.




Good Expedition

It was very good trip today with a very enthusiastic  group and super weather.

Visually Mull is as exciting this evening as it has been all day.

On todays trip then, we had an early White Tailed Sea Eagle at loch na Keal scrapping with a number of Buzzards. About the same time we had an otter close inshore repeatedly catching fish and taking them onshore.

Lots of divers today and glad to see Slavonian Grebes with early signs of summer plumage, when they will soon look like their heads are on fire, in bright colours of red and yellow. Lots of Ravens and I was thrilled to see the two Golden Eagles back in Glenmore and one with I think, a white  Mountain Hare.




Terrific day

Its been an up an down day for me today. Down to Oban on the ferry to sort some things out and back up because I couldn’t sort it out !!

In the end it was all sorted and seemsI booked the wrong day to tackle an important matter.

However the Sea Eagles were entertaining on Loch na keal and one flew right over my head late afternoon yesterday.


Wildlife Trip on for tomorrow and I think the weather will be the same





If you are travelling around the West of Scotland and its Hebridean Islands make sure you check the sky above you, visually, or hear a lot of noise from Gulls and Geese, because there is a very good chance that there is a White Tailed Sea Eagle close by. The gulls and gees are bright enough to know that if they are in the air the Sea Eagle is more easily confused. whereas on the ground gulls and geese and more, are in mortal danger, if they don’t get in the air pretty quickly.


Lovely Hebridean Island day

It’s now 7pm and the sun is as bright as it was early this  morning. The sunset seems a while away yet.

As I write now the sky is turning a pale lemon yellow. The sea is flat as a pancake and the colours of landscape, mountains sea cliffs, sky and sea are wonderful.

I had a big  view of a White Tailed Sea Eagle again today and if you are wandering the West Coast of Scotland and gulls and geese are flying and making a racket, you can bet your money on the fact that a Sea Eagle is about, which was the case for me, as all the birds know that it is a good idea to be flying rather than sitting when you are easy game for the eagle.

It all looks very dramatic and you cant turn away when it is all kicking off in the sky above you.


Come to Mull I say, which is now also known as Eagle Island



Exotic Day

Maybe  climate change is changing everywhere ? Because Mull and probably all of the Hebridean Islands  are looking more and more like the Mediterranean Islands and there they have a bird I want to see. Which is  Eleonora’s Falcon and a communal nesting bird on sea stacks offshore. Maybe I did see one a few years ago but what a boat trip it would be if they come and nest up here !!


So here we are now with a very intense blue sea and the golden sun filling the whole of the island of Inch Kenneth a couple of miles out from here.


No doubt it is going to be another lovely sunset this evening too.




weather forecasts

Where do the BBC get these weird weather forecasts for the Hebridean Islands from?

These days it is almost never right.


We again have a magical start to the day. From my office across the sea I can almost see the deckchairs getting wheeled out on Iona for todays influx of day trippers from Oban  !!!!!!



Flat calm

It is now 6.15 and the sea is flat calm and everywhere is sunny and heavenly to look at.

A big stag and female red deer are gobbling up the grass 40m below the house.

Benmore is spectacular and its peak is still sprinkled with the small amount of snow that we had a couple of weeks ago.


The dazzling low sun is now dropping below The Isle of Ulva  and the sea is so calm for miles across the sea that I somehow expect dolphins to jump clear of the water in numbers.

Colourful day

Yesterday was a pretty poor day weather-wise and overnight and this morning was in the same vein. However it is now pretty bright and I can see Iona miles away in this vivid light, that we have in the islands. In fact probably the most unpolluted sky in Europe and as a consequence visitors can underestimate the reality that the suns rays are still out there and can cause sunburn, even on a sunny day in midwinter.

In other words when you come here bring binoculars ofcourse but also the sunbloc !!



vile day

Yesterday was so sunny and colourful on the ferry to Oban that it was like being on a

boat in the  Mediterranean again. Even Oban felt like the med again too !!

However today Mother Nature is feeling irritated for some reason and we have misty murky rain which would be not very nice to be out in. So I need to tackle some indoor work, unless it does turn sunny later, but the betting isn’t good.


HOWEVER !! the island is still delivering gorgeous colours amid the landscape and it is still a thousand times better than the colours of my youth in industrial Sheffield.


When it clears we will also have hundreds of waterfalls large and small and an even richer  landscape hopefully with the sun bouncing off it like yesterday. But everyone knows that I am an optimist  !!