Good day again

On yesterdays tour we had views of White Tailed Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles.

We also had a lot of Great Northern Divers in summer plumage and the odd Slavonian Grebe in summer plumage.

No otters though and no bowls for the soup because i forgot them all !!!

However there was a lot of humour and much banter and interest about Mull from everybody on the day..

We latterly, after a bit of a wait, one of the adult sea eagles coming into its nest area with prey.

Lots of smaller birds now with grey wagtails, yellow hammer, Dipper, skylarks, plenty of  swallows sand martins,  wheatears etc.


Of course everyone on the Island now gets a regular sunset to die for !!!


Amazing weather ofcourse again

I think I have neglected  to mention a number of grey wagtail sightings lately and which, as most know, are pretty yellow and almost exotic !!

More interesting may be the possible Wildcat that wandered in front of our house a couple of days ago.

They are not supposed to to be here but we suddenly get a burst of claims from different people but needed is a carcase or droppings to take things further.

Rarely but occasionally

It is a rare occasion for me, but on my last Wildlife Tour which was a couple f days ago and Tuesday 22nd of May, someone on the trip accidentally or deliberately walked off with my plastic file which has illustrations of all the things that people might want to see.

Please return it as I don’t have a copy of it and it is stealing of course


Fantastic weather

I had to go to Oban today to get a a  pack of print cartridges. Which may not sound exciting but I really enjoyed the sail over and helping lots of foreigners plan their time in Scotland.. So many of them seem to just stick a pin in a map and go for it, with no research at all.


Take Fort William which is a massive disappointment for anybody. I am certain new comers to the west coast actually think there is going to be a fort there for instance  !!!!!!!!

Anyway, we now have a gorgeous calm, warm evening and a major sunset is going to finish the day off I feel.


Another spectacular day

A full vehicle today with keen people and lots of sightings of great northern divers, seals, otter, golden eagles, White tailed sea eagles etc. etc.

Tonight’s prize though is another terrific sunset and another very flat lemon coloured sea.

magnificent evening

This morning seemed as poor as it can get, with mist, wind and  heavy drizzly weather that looked like it was in for the day.

However it has been a lovely day in the end and so stunning right now looking out from my office to the sea and the south of Mull, with lemon sunshine along the top of it all.




Well we had lovely weather and a good trip yesterday [ Friday ]

Both species of  Eagles in Glenmore and Loch na Keal, Lots of summer plumaged great northern divers still around and ready to go north soon I guess.

No otters, but seals and red deer, plenty of smaller birds scattered liberally and different visual effects to make any photographer happy.

Wall to wall sunshine

We have had sunshine from early morning and it is still blazing down this evening.

It is frankly too sunny and I have come into my office to avoid it !

The sunset looks to be hours away yet and reluctant to leave here.

We all like the warmth of the sun but when in the tropics don’t we also yearn for the shade.

Well I feel  like  that right now !!


It has been a wonderful day here amid the most magical Island chain that would be hard to beat.


It is now nearly 9.30 and still the sun shines, though it is heading north and a lemon sunset looks on the cards. The sea at this time  of day is again flat as can be and more or less a creamy  white expanse with the South of Mull and Iona dappling the horizon in various shades of grey.


Everything looks at peace with itself here and tomorrow may be the same I suppose.


We are so lucky here aren’t  we?

Needs little discription today

It is the most magical and beautiful Hebridean day today and it doesn’t matter where you are because it all looks sensational and your options of where to go or be, are everywhere.


If you haven’t already, do have a look at my gallery page of kindly donated pictures, as well as my own.