Something about July and August ???

Yes these days there is something very different tourist wise about July and August.

First of all most visitors are totally unprepared for the wildness and size of Mull. They don’t have  a hat to protect them from the sun, don’t have sturdy outdoor footwear to stop them twisting an ankle, visitors are driving as if they are still on some German Highway and try to tackle our single track roads in the same way.

A few days ago I was nearly killed by a vehicle taking a blind corner at around 80 miles an hour, 10 minutes away from here. They could have killed all of us in one go.

They don’t usually have binoculars and break them because they are simply not use to having them around their neck and that means that I have to buy more binoculars again.

They have no idea how massive and varied the Island is and race off the ferry to try and ‘DO’  Mull in 15 minutes and probably plan to ‘DO’ Skye in another 15 minutes.


No wonder otters are killed on a regular basis on our roads, which our Community Council  add to, because we have very few places where visitors and vehicles can get off the road and calm down a little.

Then we have the late night knock at the door as they look for cheap accommodation instead of pre booking.

It is an etc. etc. etc. situation these days and how The Scottish Tourist Board can brag about large numbers of visitors, with all of the above and more, creating chaos, I don’t know.


If we carry on with their ethos the west of Scotland and its beautiful islands are going to be just like Blackpool !!






Help needed with enquiry for August 6th

I think it was Friday that I had an enquiry for a surprise present for a relative on August 6th ?? The lady making the enquiry was a bit garbled and was then gone. So here I am again trying to help here out with the surprise tour.


In short if you read this message please give me another call, to sort it out .


WOW !!!!

It’s 9.15 in the evening here on the West coast of Mull and the scene looking across the grassland toward Iona across the sea is magical with golden grassland and sprinkled  islets and  trees reaching out to the sea, which is flat calm and as blue as you could get.


Loch na Keal’s huge sea cliffs and mountains are rising like The pyramids of Giza again and I now see the sun heading toward Coll and Tiree to set for the night.

The south of Mull and Iona from here look like one very long crocodile, at the end of Iona itself. Above the scene it’s another creamy coloured sky rising toward a streaky grey blue sky and more blue clouds waiting above to join in the show.



Yet another

It is yet another super day here and in the Hebridean Islands we are so lucky, to be able to get to very clear sea in a very short time because the cities must be awfully hot in such conditions which also increase pollution levels too.

Both species of Eagle have been up above the house and swallows are everywhere today. Going down loch na Keal amid its spectacular scenery I opened every window in my minibus and sang John Denver songs all the way to Salen. I love his lyrics and ethics and have followed his lead.  But he died of course in a plane accident and it felt a great loss to me personally and no doubt others.

Iffy weather forecast again yesterday

Our weather forecast was nowhere near as bad as was predicted yesterday and we got off to a good start with two adult White Tailed Sea Eagles sitting near the top of their favourite wood. On the other side of loch na keal we had good views again in my scope of another Sea Eagle on an islet 200m offshore. No otter though today but we ate well and had lots of activity with smaller birds for a change who seemed to be celebrating the combination of rain and sun.

I had a bit of time to check Grasspoint and had red deer there and interestingly a young cuckoo on top of an overhead cable being repeatadly visited and fed by a meadow pipit with the cuckoo moving around the area in search of what was obviously what it took to be its mum !!!   Easily done by cuckoos of course !

wonderful day

It is yet another wonderfully, calm and serene view from my office today

Tourism is a bit quieter now after weeks of people ‘doing Mull’ it seems and then racing off to do somewhere else in 15 minutes too, perhaps Skye.


It has been like La La Land here with people driving like Maniacs for what reason I don’t honestly  know but what they are doing in driving at such speeds is not looking at anything but instead  killing otters and not doing justice to Mulls perfection.

As I have said for years there is a  pressing need for National Park status, where we can manage camper vans, cyclists and lorries that are far too big for our single track roads.

Until our Community Council get their butts into gear it is a crazy situation that is going to get worse each year.

Golden Eagles

On Yesterdays short Wildlife Tour my friend and I had terrific views of Golden Eagles on Loch na Keal, as the resident pair plunged from the sky and raced each other around the area.

Otters though were again not easy but lots of red deer and seals on the islets offshore.

Like today the entire sea was and is now, a milky colour and flat calm, which seems to be the norm of late.

For me personally, yes we  saw the Sea eagles but Golden Eagles doing the dramatic displays they can do at altitude is the tops and freedom personified, as they have always been perceived through the centuries, is the best.

Cancel the Med Holiday

Mull and its satellite Islands are beauty and serenity personified today, with every colour of the rainbow and more,  sprinkled around the whole of Mull

We have had weeks of this spectacle put on by Mother Nature and it can’t be beaten, from my own experiences and travels around the globe.

Yipee Rain !!

We have at long last now got some much needed rain and trees and plants seem to be loving it too .

All we need now is for England to get into the World Cup Final and even better, win it  !!!




The tropical weather goes on and on here and this is doing no favours for anyone when water supplies must be getting low.

The island  looks sumptuous but I think we would all now hope for some sort of reprieve from this hot dry weather.

Though I have to observe that it doesn’t seem likely in the short term  !!