Last two trips

I am lumping the last two days together. When we had otters both days, but a really big otter sighting today as we followed a female otter along the shore, when she suddenly skipped onshore and headed up a small stream toward us. Not pausing for a moment and with her typical otter gate she walked in front of everyone about 10ft away, went under a fence and into a wood where I had seen her go, probably to her two cubs, a few weeks earlier. This was a really close otter sighting.

Lots of eagle sightings both days i.e up with buzzards and ravens, swooping up and down and sitting on a hilside and chasing other golden eagles off. Hen harriers with the male doing his sky dance and the female watching, dippers, more grey wagtails this year,  a bat and even a short tailed vole, which is everyones favourite meal, slavonian grebes in summer plumage, lost of great northern divers, eiders, mergansers, rock pipits, wheatears. etc

However the big sighting today was the incredibly visual scene that we had this morning, with snow capped benmore, brilliant sunshine and the flatest sea. Visually Mulls natural environment was as magical as it could possibly get today.