sensational weather

Yes its been like July in the Mediterranean here with the most amazing visual effects morning and night that I have ever seen on Mull.

On the way to a meeting at Salen the tide was so low that you could walk acraoss Loch na Keal from Killiechronan to Knoch on the other shore. For a few days now the Island has looked like a tsunami is on the way. As I drove down the coast low white clouds and mist were at sea level and made for a totally new planet, with sun capped peaks rising above this now alien place, with seaweed covered islands and islets in the middle of the loch that are not normally seen.

This evening we are in for another major sunset and completely flat golden sea all the way across to Iona in the distance.

I am convinced that there is nowhere else in the world that can deliver such amazing visual effects that are different every single day and eighty degrees in October.

Words have failed me today both at the meeeting and right now.