Tough weather forecast

Its been very sunny and dry here but rain about 1pm was forecast for the trip today.

So go and try to find hen harriers while it’s dry. Lochdon was the place then and we had around 3 separate harriers a red deer stag with his harem, greenshanks and lots of kestrels as usual this year and the inevitable buzzards. What I didn’t expect while we had scones and drinks was the young golden eagle over our heads and so low down, like last time here.

Back up to Craignure and onto Loch na Keal where as the rain came on a sea eagle flew from well back, head into wind but disappeared among the trees, no doubt getting sheltered before the rain. We also had goosanders and red breasted mergansers there.

No sign of otters yet in a pretty choppy sea but I glimpsed something quite well out, which in the flash I had, I thought it could be an early great northern diver. However on checking again, up came a male otter ploughing through the waves and eventually, with a large enough fish, to have to take it to shore where we couldnt  find him !! But no matter it was an exciting encounter, here on Wild Mull.

it’s not a good idea for me to do my posting the day after the event like now because I know I miss a lot, but an interesting part of the day was on the way home after dropping others off at the ferry point.

As I came past Garmony still looking with the 3 customers I was dropping off, another ‘glimpse’ from me and there was the otter on a small islet with a great  black backed gull. Good for my last 3 but not good for everyone else back at the ferry point, but that’s nature for you.. Rubbing salt into the wounds we were above our house which has the most stupendous views and there coming out of the mist and from the sea was an adult sea eagle which soared above us and then wandered along the hillside flashing his big white tail.