Super day

It was a terrific sunny start today, although I did not have a Wildlife Trip. However, as I came back from Salen about 10am there was a really close adult sea eagle above my vehicle being attacked by kestrels and buzzards at the high point above our house. What a backdrop it was with Loch na Keal below us and Gribbun Cliffs across the Loch, as the eagle came right over me.” Wild and wondrous things in wild places” .

I was full for the trip yesterday and had more glorious weather. Back toward Salen from Craignure, which paid off again, as I spotted 3 otters in a very dappled and sun spangled sea. Difficult conditions then, but we went back down the road a quarter mile and there was mum and her two cubs out training and splashing and throwing themselves and their tails about !  At Grasspoint  we just missed a male and female harrier but got a red throated diver, goosanders and two seperate stags with their harems. Ten minutes later, as good as it gets sighting of a male hen harrier quartering the ground and then landing to give us all top views for around 20 minutes as it ate its prey. Into the mountains of Glenmore and a golden eagle on high, which was  chased by a kestrel and a buzzard back to the heart of its territory across the glen.

A number of people had been out with me the previous year and all of them were elated at the end of the day.

I have such a rewarding job. How could any guide not be thrilled that their customers might be seeing their very first golden eagle?