Wild weather

Weatherwise, today was pretty poor I guess but our dramatic weather changes are all part of life here. But how sensational it was up to around a week ago and felt like it would go on forever.

No trip today then thankfully and so a good clean of my vehicle for its Public Service Vehicle MOT Test tomorrow at Craignure, where the bus company are kind enough to allow the inspector to check my vehicle as well as all their buses.

In between the rain I have been out trying to tame our entirely native landscape around the house, and fighting nature is tough at times but of course rewarding if you get somewhere. Yet again I was also wading through our LOST WORLD like deep vegetation to get a cow off our land, which same cow has again bashed through our fencing and waded through our reed bed and caused me and Joy to chase it all over the place, using some cunning, but more importantly a big stick !!!

I need electric fencing, or a cow trap !! Is there such a thing does  anyone know ?

Anyway, despite the weather and cow challenges there was still lots of activity on and above the hill behind the house. With plenty of birds up and about including both eagle species and lots of ravens doing their displays. I can’t watch the skyline all the time of course, but I know that I must be missing lots of things, because I’m not !

Its quiet now with visitors thinning out as the season ends but I have a trip on Tuesday and unless the cow plans another attack I am going to enjoy it.