Exotic Scene

Its 11am with another of the islands exotic scenes from my office.

Its truly fascinating how the weather can look a little dark out toward Iona and beyond yet by the time it gets here on the northern coast of the National Scenic Area it will run into intense sunshine with every blade of grass having a silver splash on top of it in the form of rain.

The island has always had its own micro climate which makes for the most interesting days.

I forgot a diary posting the other day where 10 minutes from the house and heading to pick people up I had 3 young White Tailed Sea Eagles interacting about 25m to my right with the black looking cliffs of Gribbun providing the perfect picture frame. The youngsters look so untidy compared with their Mum and Dad.

Back to earth and this side of Loch na Keal  which over here can be very sunny and dry yet across the sea on Loch na Keal’s opposite coastline the mountains can draw an endless stream of clouds, which often  deposit themselves as heavy rain all the way along the mountain range to arrive then in Craignure.


Strangers soon start to understand where the sun or rain might be each day but then many don’t, because of course we have lost that  magical ‘ instinct’  that we once had and wild creatures still have. In fact generally humans have lost touch completely with what was once their natural habitat. Such a pity as they miss so much.