Oban trip

I had a few things to do in Oban today including getting a new watch strap, have  fish in batter at my favourite fish and chip shop, get some more bird food and generally get out and mix a little !

Yesterdays wildlife trip was another good tour with a young enthusiastic  boy of about 12 and his Dad. Both are living in Warsaw but are English and have connections here.

Onto the National Scenic Area which duly impressed them and there we had slavonian grebes in summer and winter plumage, an otter very close inshore and as instinct swivelled me around, there was an adult white tailed sea eagle going along the tree tops behind us and alighting to look very colourful particularly in the telescope.

Onward after cake and drink and two adult sea eagles sitting on the islets offshore, from where they often pounce on otters and steel their bigger prey. While we had soup and sandwiches off went the sea eagles to alight on another islet and then onward again to another !!

A few great northern divers yesterday, little grebe, dipper, female hen harrier, red deer stags and females with young.

So a good and dry day yesterday.